CHILDREN'S TWO FLOORSIf you are on a family Council have decided to allocate the child in the new apartment though the smallest in area, but still separate room, then take the time to make it familiar to an adult wardrobe, a couch and a Desk. Try starting with a look at children in the eyes of a child and determine what he expects from his room. A comfortable bed or a large wardrobe! This, of course, important. But…

Most likely the smallest member of the family should be just free (vital!) the space in which it is possible to build something out of blocks, racing toy cars, or spend the battle the tin soldiers. In that case, if you agree with this, we offer you to make children’s furniture complex on their own. There will be bookshelves and wardrobes, Desk and bed, but the useful area of the room thus practically does not decrease, and most of it is always ready for children to play and exercise.
Installation option of the complex the wall with the window.
At the top are shown the option to install complex the wall with the window. The remaining free area of the room is close to the square that is most convenient. However, if you decide to repeat this design, have to work some magic and with a window. First, to protect the sleeper from drafts and excessive light should cover the top part of the window opening glulam and putty the cracks. Secondly, to change either the attachment loops on the frames to open outward, or the design of the frames themselves, dividing by height in two separate parts: a permanently closed top and open bottom.
Installation option complex near one of the side walls.
Located around the periphery of window furniture a few limits coming in the room to the luminous flux it must be taken into account in advance, and if the window is North-facing or shaded trees or close buildings, it is better to set up a “two-story nursery” near one of the side walls of the room, the lighting Desk to use a directional light.
Most of the elements of the headset can be made of chipboards of thickness 20 mm with painting or pasting them outside of the laminate or veneer of precious wood. Stands stairs cut from the pine or birch bars section 60X60 mm. For rails Ø 35…40 mm suitable cuttings from a shovel or other tool. All wooden parts should be well viscoride and cover with several layers of furniture varnish.
Mount the children’s complex optimally “block method”, i.e. to gather first separate blocks-modules (cabinets, bed, stairs and Desk), and then set them into place, fixing the power elements to the walls and floor with dural corners. Between the modules are assembled also on the corners and threaded bolts M8 nuts. Last pristykovyvayas Desk and hung the doors.
Child safety, located on the second layer, is provided with a protective mesh; the size of each cell is approximately 150 × 150 mm. It is fit of nylon cord Ø 3…5 mm and secured to the rail of the bed frame, going between the mattress and the inner side of the front panel.
Children's bunk complex.
Children’s bunk complex:
1 element stands bookcase (particle Board, 20X50X860 mm, 2 PCs.), 2 — element stand bookcase (particle Board, 20X50X280 mm, 2 pieces), 3 — the bottom of the bookcase (particle Board, 20X280X860 mm), 4 — side wall of the bookcase (particle Board, 20Х300Х1650 mm, 2 pieces), 5 — a partition wall (chipboard, 20X280X670 mm) 6 — door lower section of the bookcase (particle Board, 20X410X670 mm), 7 — a bookshelf (particle Board, 20X300X860 mm, 5 PCs.) 8 — lid of the Desk (particle Board, 20Х450Х1700 mm), 9 — longitudinal drawer side (particleboard, 20Х50Х2000 mm, 2 pieces), 10 — lateral drawer side (particleboard, 20X50X410 mm, 2 pieces), 11 — front ladder (timber 60Х60Х1950 mm, 2 PCs.), 12 — rung ladder (the handle of a shovel,…40Х420 Ø 35 mm, 7 PCs.), 13 — a longitudinal element of the bed frame (particle Board, 20Х250Х2000 mm, 2 pieces), 14 — cross member of the bed frame (particle Board, 20Х250Х860 mm 2-piece), 15 — the longitudinal member at the top of the plinth (chipboard, 20Х250Х100 mm, 2 PCs.), 16 — a cross member at the top of the plinth (chipboard, 20Х250Х860 mm) 17 — the bottom of the bed (plywood, 8Х860Х1960 mm), 18 rail reinforcement (40X40X1960 mm, 2 pieces) 19 — mattress (foam, 100X860X1960 mm), 20 “lining” of the bottom of the bed (hardboard, plywood, 3Х860Х1960 mm), 21 — item stand wardrobe (particle Board, 20X50X960 mm, 2 PCs.) 22 element of the stand wardrobe (particle Board, 20X50X430 mm, 2 PCs.), 23 — the bottom of the wardrobe (particle Board, 20X430X470 mm, 2 PCs.), 24 — side wall of the wardrobe (particle Board, 20Х450Х1650 mm, 2 pieces), 25 — partition (DSP, 20X430X1630 mm) 26 — door wardrobe (particle Board, 20Х430Х1650 mm), 27 — top cover of the Cabinet (particleboard, 20X430X960 mm), 28 — shelf wardrobe (particle Board, 20X420X470 mm, 6 PCs.) 29 — rear wall of the Cabinet (plywood, hardboard, 3Х1000Х1650 mm), 30 — protective mesh (a nylon-cord Ø 3…5 mm).
The mattress is assembled from foam sheets to a thickness of 100…150 mm and is sheathed on the outside cover of the dense fabric.
Work on finishing of the complex — traditional handmade furniture and depend largely on the capacity and willingness of the Builder.
According to the magazine “Earmaster” (Hungary).

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