WALL-SHELFInhabiting your country house — be it a small garden or a well-built cottage — many trucks bringing in the furniture that has served its purpose in a city apartment. And most of all from this whole situation turns out patchy, cumbersome and is inconsistent with the view of the place of rest. Meanwhile, it is very easy to furnish the interior of the country easy to produce and easy to use items that are able to make themselves, gradually complementing thus the original set, which in the end will be solved in the same style.

For example, what is a simple and at the same time beautiful wall-shelf offers the Hungarian magazine”, Earmaster”, is suitable not only for country house but also youth room in a city apartment.


A distinctive feature wall is that, externally perceived as a single (TSE peak) design, it is nevertheless collapsible, given the composition of several modular parts, like the children’s designer.

Such parts not so much. First and foremost is the support pillar of the pipes (gas or water) and put them on tubular metal or plastic spacers, the inner diameter of which allows you to string them like beads on the main stand reducers the Purpose is twofold: to divide the shelves while being their intermediate supports.

The next module — the actual shelf. They are made of furniture Board or particle Board and are also strung on the rack. Despite the large number, there are only three types: short, medium and long. However, the variance of their rotation on the racks using spacers of different sizes provides unlimited matching possibilities when you build walls, depending on the intended appearance of her and expected to be placed on the shelves of items: books, instruments, flowers, decorations. (Of course, separate sections of shelves can be executed and closed, with doors or glazing, but this is another version of the wall).

The main elements of the wall of shelving

The main elements of the wall-rack:

1 – long shelf module (DSP); 2 — short shelf-module (DSP); 3 panel folding table (DSP); 4 piano hinge; 5 — axis back up the table (bolt M8 2); 6 — backup folding table (bar 35×45,1.350, 2 pieces): 7 bearing stand (sheet s3); 8 – crossan (area 40×40); 9-plug; 10 — screw; 11 — cap-stopper; 12 — spacer (rough 32×5. L – at); 13 — front (tube 1/2″, 8 pieces); 14 — middle shelf module (DSP)

If necessary to one of the shelves is attached with hinges an extra panel of the same material as the shelves— then get a folding table, providing additional amenities for work for him, or for the use of the wall.

Assembly of a wall running on the floor in the supine position; upon completion of Assembly of the finished design rises to the wall and fastened to it in several places with a short metal corners that strengthen the stability of the structure. The upper ends of the uprights over the last shelves are decorated with wooden stoppers in the form of fungi or be covered with suitable plastic caps.

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