ANTI-ECONOMYRepair of electronic devices in radio is associated primarily with the need to restore the holes and the possibility of damage to conductor paths of printed circuit boards. We offer universal soldering iron with suction device, solder and interchangeable tips will allow to replace the radio quickly and efficiently.
With this soldering iron you can remove the transistors, integrated circuits, relays, pulse transformers, power connectors and many more items. In addition, it is, of course, can be used for its intended purpose — to build electronic devices.
Structurally, the soldering iron is made in the form of a gun. The drawings and the photograph give a visual representation of it and how it works. After warming up the soldering iron included in the electrical network of the desired voltage, the piston is reset by pressing the hook (for platoon recoil) and fixed the bracket. The place where you want to remove the solder to release from it the part or holes, moistened alcohol-rosin flux on both sides of the Board, and warms up. When the tin melts, push the release clip, hook is released from it, and return spring force, the piston moves to its original position. In the cylinder formed by vacuum suction, which transportorul solder into the chamber of the suction.
There is a case where the melt remains in the channel which needs to be repaired. Lowering the soldering iron down, press the hook with a rapid movement, and the compressed air will throw the liquid metal.
If you need to remove the chip from the printed circuit Board, the heat lines is installed nozzle for disassembly, charge wetted with flux and heated with a soldering iron. Then a slight but sharp movement, podawa chip retrieved it from the hole. It remains only to remove the described manner, the solder, and the Board is prepared for the installation of a new element.
In this design the heating element is borrowed from industrial soldering iron 36 the capacity of 50 watts. You can do it yourself, calculate any voltage and power of 30…40 W and winding the coil on a heat line from the mica spacers. The cover is bent into the form of a cylinder of steel sheet of thickness 0.5—1 mm. Through the steel loop it is attached with M3 screw to the tube of the suction.
Tube-suction has on the one hand internal thread M5 for pressure-tight connection to the heat lines (possible tight fit), and on the other external thread M6 for fastening with two screws from the resistor SPO-0.5 to the camera cover suction. The camera is machined from a glass and plays the role of an intermediate volume for collection of solder.
As the cylinder is used gas canister for lighters (manufactured by Sumy PA “Electron”), disused. With the camera suction it connects through a rubber gasket with two screws and screw cap M3. The piston consists of external and internal glass fibre laminate washers and rod, carved from ebony or plexiglass. Between the washers is a leather cuff. Well established in the role of the cuffs Teflon film of a thickness of 0,35…0,4 mm.
The return spring of the piston is chosen empirically according to the required effort. Its inner diameter 8…12 mm, wire cross-section 1…1,5 mm Material of the trigger — Micarta sheet thickness of 4 mm.
Body-grip glued polystyrene solvent No. 647. The middle part has a thickness of 4 mm, the sampling window for the thumb, trigger and bracket hook. Exterior consist of two plates of thickness 3 mm each. Parts are joined together by four screws, 2X8 mm. the Cylinder is secured to the handle with two clamps made of steel strip.
Replacement air nozzle for sucking solder is machined from copper rod Ø 6 mm, followed by drilling axial holes (exhaust channel). Such nozzles can make several, with different diameters of the channels correspond to different diameters or the thickness of conclusions of radioelements. On the one hand the nozzles are threaded M6 for installation in the heat line, and with another — need to work thinning.
For demounting of ICS is used, the nozzle of the copper plate with the thickness 3…4 mm, bent into a trough and having longitudinal grooves in accordance with the Pinout of the chips. Specific sizes are selected depending on needs.
Universal soldering iron.
Universal soldering iron:
1 — nozzle for sucking solder (copper), 2 — heat line (bronze, brass), 3 — the casing of the heater (steel 3), 4 — heater (36, 50 watts), 5 — M3 screw, 6 — semiring (steel 3), 7 — tube (steel 3), 8 — camera cover suction (glass fiber), 9 — nut M6 (2 PCs), 10 — a collar of fastening of the cylinder (2 PCs), 11 — cylinder, 12 — washer piston (glass fiber), 13 cuff (leather, Teflon tape), 14 — washer piston (glass fiber), 15 guide bushing (plexiglass), 16 — piston rod (ebonite, acrylic), 17 — spring 18 — hook 19 — M4 screw (2 pieces), 20 — axis bracket, 21 — clip hook (steel 3), 22 — spring 23 — the body-arm, 24 — power supply cord, 25 — trigger (Micarta), 26 — chamber suction (hard rubber), 27 — screw M3 (4 PCs), 28 — column connection (steel 3, 2), 29 — the power cord of the heater 30 is a removable nozzle to remove chips.

I. CROW, Sumy

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