RADIATORS FOILFast and simple — to manufacture heat sinks for transistors and microcircuits made of copper or aluminum foil with a thickness of 0.1—0.3 mm. Plates are cut with scissors, carefully collected in a package with a thickness of 3 mm, clamped between two fairly tough boards and drill holes. Prior to Assembly of the plate trimmed in the area of thermal contact and smooth out the micron sandpaper to ensure their tight fit. And after the plates are assembled, their ends are bred throughout the free zone.

Figure 1 shows a heat sink for the transistor type KT81SA with the bracket. Radiator for chip К174УН7 mounted on the circuit Board shown in figure 2. Set the lower plates of 3 mm thickness shall be oriented so as to prevent contact with the pins of the chip. Moreover, the Assembly of the radiator should be done before soldering the leads of an IC.


Fig. 1. Heatsink for transistor



Fig. 1. The heatsink for the transistor:
1 – plate, 2 — bracket, 3 transistor КТ815А.


R and p. 2. Radiator for chip



R and S. 2. Radiator for IC:
1 — plate, 2 — lower plate, 3 — circuit, 4 – heat sink 5 – cost.

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