Pioneer games – each school (1);

H. Rizayev. Pier of dreams (2);

G. Malinowski. Dinghy (3);

Optimist goes to sea (5);

G. Reznichenko. New address (6);

V. Volchkov. For example Claude Shannon (8);

L. Timoshuk. Sail in the sky (the end) (10);

The plane of the country Bidstrup (12);

M. Sorokin. Electric hope (14);

V. Masik. “Maxi” keeps test (17);

The KLUB Meteor: (19);

L. Krivonosov. Ship labyrinths (23);

V. Lesnikov. Boat-virtuoso (26);

V. Kolpakov. Timer model “Fatal” S. Savini (29);

A. Courneuve. Car-bomber (30);

A. Larionov. Who Discovered Antarctica (33);

L. The Elderly. Not a problem!! No, plastic (40);

The homework club designers: (42);

Yu Arms. The rink is a great track! (44);

I. Kostenko. Flying under the roof (44);

Radio club – ham radio (45);

In addition to printed (45);

At different latitudes: (46);

Song young astronauts (47).
COVER 1st page – photo by V. Salmre; 2. – photo by P. Yablonski, installation R. Strelnikov; 3-4 pages – photo of Yuri Yegorov.
TAB: 1-p. I – figure E. Molchanov; 2. – figure E. Molchanov; photo by V. Tutova; 3-I p. – figure P. Efimenkov; 4. – figure Y. Makarova.


Modelist-KONSTRUKTOR 1968-04 PDF (download)