Year third year is decisive: E. dubicki. Search, creativity, skill (2).

Organizer of technical creativity: B. Smagin. They build your house (4).

Meet interesting people: Yu Arms. Victory! (8).

Is pioneer summer: G. Malinowski. It always comes back the boomerang? (10);

E. Bornovolokov. Cleared! Min. no! (13).

Club Zenit: D. Bunimovich. A young reporter in the campaign (14).

OKB “M-K”: R. monk. Teremok (17);

“Violent” (19).

Models in the world: Vladimir Efimkin. “MAZ-503” (21);

V. Kuznetsov. “Hurricane” (24).

Horizons technology: R. Yarov. Burn or burn (27).

The great explorers: J. Vyatich. The port never came back… (29).

On land, sky and sea: A. Beskurnikov. From under the water – the battle (33).

Cybernetics, automation, electronics: V. Igoshev, D. can be visited. The lone Queen (36).

Hams tell, propose, suggest: S. Kostychev. Music “the bear” (39).

A hundred anchors: (43).

Enroute modeling: G. Potapov. “Melkus-Wartburg” from Dresden (44).

At different latitudes: (48).
COVER: 1 page – Hello, festival! Fig. E. Strelnikova; 2. – Report technical students. Photos Yu spondylitis; 3rd page – At different latitudes; 4. Competition “Space”. Photo By B. Ruskin.
TAB: 1. set – top box to the recorder. Photo of Yuri Yegorov, Fig. G. Volynskogo; 2. Teremok. Fig. E. Molchanova; 3rd page – Carraca beginning of the XVI century. Fig. N. Rozhnova; 4. – From under water – the battle! Fig. E. Romanova.


Modelist-KONSTRUKTOR 1973-06 PDF (download)