Towards the XXVI Congress of the CPSU: the call of life (1).

Organizer of technical creativity: I. Evstratov. Race skills (4);

Kruglikov, A. Lastovkin. The armor of motorizare (3).

Create, invent, try: O. Lavrov. Cuts friction (10);

P. Proidisvet. Long life motor (11);

E. Makletsov, P. Treskunov. Grinding table (12).

Designer in profile: E. Kochnev. Prelude to all-terrain vehicles (14).

On land, the sky and the sea: V. Smirnov. The Destroyer “Daring” (17).

Models in the world: S. Baksheyev. Schematically glider model (19).

Note: experiment!: B. Gorshkov. The gyro on a rope (20);

S. Podgursky. The electrics in flight time (22).

Meet interesting people: E. Melehova. Meet Pyatibratov (28).

Model Champions: A. Pyatibratov. Cord, speed 2.5 cm3 (28);

Admiralty anchor (31).

Report number: E. Krylov. Avtovek per square meter (32);

“Sea collection “M-K”: (33).

Do in school: (35).

Technique of animated sound: N. Herzen. A pause without noise (36).

Electronics circuits: A. Kachanov, S. Zarubin. Combination lock (38).

Cybernetics, automatics, electronics: Yuri Pakhomov. Who is faster? (40).

Electronic kaleidoscope: (42).

Radiocronaca service “M-K”: (43).

Reader – the reader: (44).

The wizard does not all trades: Furniture? It’s easy! (46).

Bookshelf: (48).
COVER: 1 page – Dream of the sea. Photo By Yury Stepanov. 2. – the Day of young technicians at ENEA USSR. Photo of Yuri spondylitis; 3rd page – the Panorama for readers ‘ letters. Installation of M. Simakov; 4. – the national youth competitions in aircraft modeling. Photo By A. Zolotarev.
TAB: 1st page – the Forerunners of present day vehicles. Fig. B. Kaplunenko; 2. – Destroyer “Daring”. Fig. O. Novoselova; 3. – Exhibition of models at the Polytechnic Museum. Photo by A. Raguzina; 4. – Sea collection “M-K”. Fig. A. Konstantinova.


Modelist-KONSTRUKTOR 1981-01 PDF (download)