Organizer of technical creativity: G. Androshchuk. From educational workshop to the educational center (1);

M. Cloak. Handwriting mug (2).

Small-scale mechanization: A. Alexandrov. School harvester (4).

Technique of harvest: A. Strahl. Prairie hero (6);

Kirovets K-701 (8).

Models in the world: A. Dmitriev. Paritel ‘ class F1A (9);

E. Voronin. Main thing is to keep the speed (11);

“Skoda super sport” (14).

Sea collection “M-K”: V. Slavin. The main weapon of an aircraft carrier (15).

Club house masters: Children with two floors (17);

V. Dvoeglazov. Foundry… at the bottom (20);

Yuri Zhdanov. The machine-“diamond” (21);

L. Chistyakov. My assistant (22);

Riding on the truck (24).

Tips from around the world (25).

Hams tell, advise, offer: N.RAM. Three-band loudspeaker (26);

V. Eremenko. Ear pads for tone (27);

A. Rogovitski. Companion tourists (28).

Sport: A. Timchenko. The rise continues, or the Second step on the way to the pedestal (30).

Bookshelf: (32).


Modelist-KONSTRUKTOR 1983-04 PDF (download)