40 years of Victory: E. Y. Sawicki. In the name of Victory (1);

K. Rodin. The plane three times Hero (5);

N. Gerasimova. Young technicians – to the front (11);

N. Fedorov. In the whirlwind torpedo attacks (12);

E. Firmly. In the same ranks with the infantry (17).

Models in the world: V. Dolgov. Controls copy machine (20).

Advice to the modeller: (23).

Small-scale mechanization: L. Cherepnov. The water flows up (25);

A. Poroshin. Spit motor (26).

Public KB “M-K”: V. Rezun. Two on one Board (27);

V. Kabatov. Bike changing “shoes” (31).

Everything for the garden: V. Strashnov. Attic with comfort (33);

Beautiful home – beautiful yard (34);

“Eternal” gate (35).

Our workshop: Yuri Orlov. Gregoratos-universal (37).

Tips from around the world (38).

Souvenirs of the festival: (40).

Radiocronaca service “M-K”: D-triggers (41).

The technique of radio sport: D. Bakhmatyuk. Compact “Fox” (43).

Electronics for beginners: A. Valentine’s, wings. A descendant of a radio tube (46).
COVER: 1 page – Aircraft La-5. Fig. M. Petrovsky; 2-I pages – Weapons of Victory in the journal “modelist-Konstruktor”; 3rd page – At different latitudes. Making Zykunova; 4. Machine monuments. Photo By V. Talanov.
TAB: 1-p. I – Torpedo rubbed D-3. Fig. A. Goncharenko; 2. – self-Propelled gun SU-76M. Fig. M. Petrovsky; 3. a Bicycle change shoes. Photo by A. Timchenko; 4th Page. – Club house masters. Fig. B. Kaplunenko.


Modelist-KONSTRUKTOR 1985-05 PDF (download)