Public KB “M-K”: V. Bezrukov. Family, universal (2).

Small-scale mechanization: Z. Sorokina. Apples cleans… harvester! (7);

S. Larkin. Solar dryer (8).

Armor Collection “M-K”: M. Pavlov, A. Protasov. Ultralight – intelligence and communication. Firm “I”: M. Yaroshevich. Paradise – in the “tent”! (12).

Around your lens: Yu Prokoptsov. Portretik from monocle (16).

Myself electrician: N.Semakin. Forest air in the room (17);

A. Ivanov. “Child” switch (17).

Tips from around the world (18).

Computer engineering: circuitry: (19).

Electronics for beginners: V. Antsev. Musical palette (21).

Computer for you: Valery Domozhirov. Monitor opens the “window” (24).

Models in the world: E. Kovalev. Airframe F1-A (28);

V. Bykov. With Kuhlmann – in the Assembly (31).

Advice to the modeller: (32).

On land, the sky and the sea: Yu Otrishko. Submarine Iskra (31).

Famous cars: V. Mammadov. The Birth Of “Favorite” (39).

Abilites “M-K”: V. Drach. Bombers “the Golden mean” (44).
COVER: 1 page – Jeep from the suburbs. Photo by S. Gruzdev; 2-I page – photo Panorama. Design V. Lobacheva; 3rd page – “Avalites “M-K”. Fig. V. Lobacheva; 4th page – Catalog “M-K”. The author M. Bashmachnikov.


Modelist-KONSTRUKTOR 1991-09 PDF (download)