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Scientific and technical site on the Internet since 2012. Since then, the portal covers the issues of scientific and technical creativity of amateur construction, it tells the story of domestic and foreign equipment.
Among its authors, along with the famous inventors and designers, technical sports champions – a large army versatile craftsmen, art lovers, and its history. – the only one in the Internet site, in the articles which are layout drawings, diagrams and descriptions of a variety of improvised constructions. Portal administration one of the main tasks in seeing to help every reader, no matter what age he is, to become a master of all trades, not only an expert in the art, but also a versatile craftsman able to make their own hands everything you need for work and rest.
And the young novice technician and an experienced modeler athlete and adult amateur designer will find in the pages of site a lot of interesting – from a home workshop equipment and the various adaptations to the home-made microcars, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles and even a variety of amateur aircraft; silhouette of the simplest models and mock-ups to radio-controlled miniature copies of historical or contemporary art; from electronic toys to school equipment and personal computers; from unpretentious shelves for books to a multidisciplinary suite of furniture or cottage and garden shed.
We hope that many publications site will be a kind of starting point for the birth and development of new directions of mass technical creativity, and sports. Site administration for its part will provide users with information and organize everything for the emergence and widespread kart, buggy, trass modeling, autostructure amateur, amateur constructing gliders and ultralight aircraft, single-engine velomobile and equipment, small tools and equipment for gardens and vegetable gardens.
To do this, open the site in such columns and sections as “Public Design Bureau”, “Make yourself”, “Advice”, “Radio Amateurs”, “Collection”, and others. Visit the “News” section to view the most recently added material.
We walk in the footsteps of the famous magazine in the USSR “Model Construction”, because they are sure that a number of useful information should not lie on the shelves in the library, it must be accessible to all, and site will help in this!
The site just opened sections that fit the category MK, but they were not in the magazine “Model Construction”, read health to take all the best;)
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