EDUCATION SEARCHA conversation with the Secretary of Donetsk regional Committee of the Komsomol failed: Mikhail Bondarenko was enthusiastic technical creativity of youth in his native mining region. Easy, to remember names, events, and even interesting design.

In the towns and villages of the region is now developing about 30 different types of engineering work, which involved more than 100 thousand schoolchildren, boys and girls. The most widely radio circles, of course, missile, ship and aircraft modeling and simulation of industrial and agricultural machinery, automatics and telemechanics, microassemblies.
Particularly noteworthy is the appearance in the region hydrocortistab enthusiasts, designers and testers of small shipbuilding. Thanks to them, literally before our eyes, a new country in the form of water-motor sports.
The best results in the development of technical creativity achieved in the center of the mining region — Donetsk and several other cities. Here the work of the technical groups, in addition to the Komsomol and trade Union organizations, pay great attention to the education departments.
Regional station of young technicians club “UT” at the Donetsk metallurgical plant, the Committee on technical creativity of the youth of one of the country’s best mountain vocational school № 7 has done a lot for professional orientation of young boys and girls. Here not Only entice guys design, but also help them to choose future profession on the production.
And Belarusminsk high school Konstantinovsky district, young designers are creating small-sized agricultural machinery. In his own drawings and schemes they built a maneuverable tractor with the child, is able to carry loads up to 500 kg, develops a speed of 25 km/h. This machine is used for training young tractor drivers at the school.
An important role in the education of youth, development of technical creativity play summer camp of young technicians. They get together guys who already have some experience in creating original designs, and the beginners just beginning to get acquainted with the technique. There are organized work in all fields of technical creativity. Last summer, in the picturesque places of Donbass there were 25 camps of young technicians. They rested and he enthusiastically engaged in modeling, and design many hundreds of students.
Of great importance are the annual competitions and sports day in technical sports, including the Republican, in which cross-functional teams invariably lead.
In the end M. Bondarenko gave’:
— Well, at least in Donetsk. Regional station of young technicians. The club “S” at the metallurgical plant. There will show you and interesting projects, and the finished product. Try to see the thing that’s behind all this, is education of youth in scientific-technical creativity. Sometimes the results are absolutely amazing!
…On the spacious water surface of the pool at Myronivska TPP near Debaltsevo rush light, a miniature of the court. Drivers in white helmets and bright jackets as jockeys at the races, rising and leaning forward, as if urging hoarsely roaring their tiny boats are competition gidrotartrata. For the first time in the country.
And on the shore, at the dock, the table — deadpan with the mind of the jury. None of its members, and even none of the contestants excited now as this sports a strong, short, blonde guy who walks behind the judges. Valentin Boykov, instructor of Donetsk regional station of young technicians. And he knows all that is happening now, n fact, his business.
Difficult and slow was the way, from the article master of sports Malinowski, which a few years ago, I read a Valentine in the journal “modelist-Konstruktor”, to this happy day. The article proposed a new design of river scooter and his drawings. Based on this idea Valentin Boykov created the project improved machine — hydrocort and was able to interest her activists powerboat section. Decided to build a series of such machines and, in parallel, to promote a new sport — hydrocutting.
First was theory, then the selection of crews: a captain and a mechanic — from high school, and students — of the youngest. They built their hydrocorti, by participating in the contest best design. Won then the crews of the Genes of the Rud, a student of 9th class of school № 6 of the city of Donetsk, and Stanislaus Satuli, ninth from 16th. After the first hydrocorti Donetsk syut was tested on the water, experience Valentine Boikova adopted other young technicians — in Krasnyi Lyman, Horlivka, Debaltseve, Zhdanov, Dzerzhinsk, Kramatorsk, Torez. On the competition 20 July 1973 was released In teams — 16 hidrocaribe. And all of them built more than thirty. The winners here were the crews of Rud and Satula. They rejoiced, with the first challenge Cup. After the team was held the final competition for the individual championship.
Valentin Boykov worried also what didn’t enter any number of winners, one of his pupils, which especially hurt the soul. And here’s why…
About a year ago Valentine until late in the evening sat at the station of young technicians. Started to leave, he groped in the dark hall light switch, and froze in complete silence, clearly heard someone in the yard called a lattice. There was no doubt: I want to get into the garage. Carefully opening the door, he went outside. Treacherously rustled under the feet of gravel, and four shadows instantly rushed to the side of the garage. Valentin rushed over. He was a good athlete, and he didn’t have a lot of work to catch up and quickly twist one of the gang. He was a guy of about sixteen or seventeen. Valentine brought him to the station. Turned on the light. Planted in front of himself.
Why climb in the garage?
What? Motorcycle, ride.
And you see that door? After all, it’s Open. And for you too. Why not using it? Could come to learn to drive. And then unlimited rides.
So began the conversation. And then.. friendship. Vitaly believed Boykovo and brought to the station of their peers — participants in the failed “operation.” They came to class, but chose still not a motorcycle club. They wanted to work where built hydrocorti. Opportunity to create a high-speed sport boat, and then manage them drew all four.
As time went on. Gradually these guys became the most enterprising and hard-working members of the group. Each found his calling. And Vitali could not get away from Boikova. He seemed to have grown together with hydrocardon, which is building, being the captain of the crew. And how many abilities it showed up! Vitaly not only quickly mastered the textbooks of physics and chemistry for 10th class. They seemed to him a little. He took up scientific and technical literature. And now… the first improvement of hydrocort, which was not in the design of the proposed Malinowski. Vitali did in his hydrocare the remote control. Simple and dependable: on the wheel control arm and the gas button ignition switch. And do not look back. Because the water in a vehicle at high speed is vital at times even fractions of a second.
Is it surprising that the strikers said Vitaly mutual affection?
…Finally, the judge announced the result, Vitaly Boiko, hugged; it was one of the best in the personal races of gidrotartrata. The winner was Nicholas Politaev from red Lyman, a student of the 8th class of the 1st high school. “But is it so important?” — said Vitaly.
Say, at the Donetsk metallurgical plant is no shortage of young inventors and innovators in the replenishment of skilled personnel. And so it is. The reasons, of course, a lot. But one of them — daily care about promoting technical creativity among young people.
…Pavilion “Young technician” on VDNH USSR, In the main hall demonstrates the electronic owl. Sits on a branch and seemed asleep, fluffed feathers. But when someone close to her, immediately flashes her huge eyes, she’ll scream and start to move my head. Depart — rest and again, “sleep.” Where “flew” sovushka? The guide will give the address: KLUB “UT” Donetsk metallurgical plant. And I should add that the authors of the exhibit awarded medals ENEA.
Meanwhile, the authors have yet to plant only indirectly related. They are still children, but, when older, will receive special training, will come to the native plant. Mentors, heads of clubs there from the factory. This is the head of the tool Department Georgy Nikolaevich Typos, quantity surveyor mechanical, Vladimir Ivanovich, Domashkevich, head of the experimental engineering laboratory Vyacheslav Yakovlevich Kukovinets and others.
Club 350 boys and girls of different ages, tastes, aspirations and abilities. But the direction of technical programmes designed to satisfy any request, any interest: “the Young mechanic”, “model airplanes”, “Young Metallurgist”, “Automation and remote control”, “Radio”. There are mass, profile, and circles, which are here considered major. Members are often combined to work together on any complex models or on one very interesting and original. The club has great working models of machinery and plant equipment: rolling mill, continuous casting machine, bridge crane, open-hearth furnace shop, Converter. And next funny, intricate “E-quiz, E-guesser names”, “Ray shooting”, the cybernetic game “Goat and wolf”, model aircraft, radios, and miniature court. Circle “Young Metallurgist”, for example, makes, among other things, beautiful Souvenirs, gift layouts that will appeal to anyone Here, for example, fine Nickel-plated bucket on stand — an exact copy of this, the factory. But the creation of it — not just making beautiful things, and at the same time modeling!
So, step by step learning technique and production, the club members gradually come to the fact that finally be able to fulfill the orders of the plant. The job the guys clear.
Kievskiy Prospekt, 57. This is the third address. Here in Donetsk is gooptu No. 7. It is led by well-known former miner Gabriel M. Sharek. Intelligent, strong-willed man, a skilled organizer, infinitely in love with the miner’s profession, technique I., in young people. “If all the leaders were youth technical creativity would have developed much faster and better,” said the regional Committee of Komsomol, this had soon to be sure.
Suharek created in vocational school, a special Committee on technical creativity. He organized workshops got the equipment picked up masters and teachers. And he also volunteer teaches teenagers now design. He is always there where something is sawing, cut, assembled. This Suharek put forward the idea: from layout to advanced mine — to create for him his training, equipped with modern appliances. Now there’s a working model, and its mine, which is successfully carried out even all-Union competition of operators of coal combines. Here he mastered the mining skill, and emerged from the generalized knowledge of advanced technology of the now famous miners Heroes of Socialist Labor V. 3. Ryzhak, N. I. Grinda, holder of two orders of Lenin And the P. of orange, PS Negruta and many others.
Committee on technical creativity is working very fruitfully. It includes leading experts, teachers College, masters of production, a well-known Donetsk inventors He coordinates the activities and defines the tasks 15 clubs a vocational school, in which there are from 300 to 350 boys and girls. The program is constantly changed and supplemented depending on the incoming of new information or the need to perform any specific task that is important for all vocational schools, for example, at the equipment of offices, laboratories, exhibitions. However, major areas of work remain. Circle “Inventor” is busy creating models of unprecedented mining mechanisms, coal mining machines, and conveyors. “Young miner” is preparing layouts, showcasing the latest systems development of mine fields, and holds at the same time a kind of scientific conference on the subject. “Young technician” produces working models of highly mechanized mines. Members of the electronic-technical circle now create electronic machine programmed training. And well made by the young designers of the machine programmed training, which are used daily for classes, it is possible to see in action.
The Committee conducts annual competitions of technical creativity. The best work is strongly encouraged. So, for the design and manufacture of the equipment for a class of the programmed training student Michael Skok and head of club Anatoly Oleksiyenko got the right to go to trial practice in Czechoslovakia.
There is no doubt that in this respect the development of technical creativity is not only revealing, but also nurturing young talents.
Three’. They are different. But, I think, to all the equally suitable words, said G. M Suharikom:
You should never forget that poetry exists technical creativity. Her magical power cannot be underestimated. It is the inspiration which reveals to man the way to a happy future.