TECHNIQUE ON THE COURTYARDThe second half of his life (and I was about 30), design technique, which facilitates my farm labor. Built three tillers (last photo), four tricycle (pictured last). There was even wheeled tractors. Tillers use just for the garden, and the tricycle — vehicle work. A short distance (1 — 3km) it is capable of transporting in truck cargo ton in the far — half a ton. In addition, the tricycle, if needed, hitch cultivator, a harrow, a mechanical rake. Of course, these designs are far from ideal, but they are workhorses, quite suitable for rural residents. One of their advantages — high ready units and parts and a minimum of machine work in the manufacture. Therefore, several villagers in the sample made a similar aggregations — who are tillers, who truck, and some both.
V. KRUK, Molodechno, Belarus