the MILLED... the PLOTFor the treatment of soil created a lot of mechanical devices greatly facilitate this process. Here and motology, and microfracture, and mechanized hoes… of Course, each unit is calculated to handle certain areas: mitotracker, for example, suitable for sufficiently long runs, for plots smaller, more suitable motor-plow, but a small garden it is best not to plow, and… mill. The aim of our present publication is to acquaint you with the design of simple metafrasi. As the power unit it is possible to use any engine from the W (W-52 W-58) with a working volume of cylinder is 50 cm3.

Cutting tool (cutter) Assembly assembled from steel strips with a cross-section 5X40 mm. On each of the cutters will need eight pieces. Strip bent in the form of the letter G and the M6 bolts are interconnected to form four crosses. The latter are welded in pairs to the two bushings with inner holes in the form of hexagons.
The basis of the frame motores — steel frame, which houses one of the delay stages of the chain gear. The box is welded from plates 4 mm thick and two bearing housings located in the lower part. At the top of the box cut two holes, through which the intermediate shaft. The latter rotates in two bearings (205), disposed in two buildings, each of which is welded from steel plate 5 mm thick and also steel rings. Corps can navigate the box through oval holes on the plate — it gives the possibility to tighten the chain connecting the sprockets of the working and intermediate shafts. For fixing the selected position, there are two threaded studs welded to the plates, bases, trim with holes-eyelets and two nuts with washers.
The engine is mounted on a bracket welded to the front box. The horizontal and vertical part of the bracket represent the segments of steel “t” brace — steel strip section 5X40 mm. On the vertical part of the bracket there are two staples from a strip of 5 mm thick — these two bolts with thread M8 is attached to the engine.
Arm by motorize the curvature of the two steel pipes with an outside diameter of 22 mm. Between the arms is the fuel tank capacity of about 2 liters, welded galvanized roofing iron.
Arm attached to the frame via the adapter cushion with two flanges and a split pipe clamp with locking handle. Pipe clamp fastened to the rack, welded to the box frame motores.
Device motoagricola
Device motoagricola
Device motoagricola:
1 — mounting bracket damper 2 — damper, 3 — engine, 4 — guard circuit, a 5, a locking arm, 6 — swing arms motoagricola, 7 — regulator cable tension Adjuster, 8— control cable, 9 — arm “gas”, 10 — arm motoagricola, 11 — the lever of deenergizing of clutch, 12 — fuel tank 13 — adapter 14 — “the crutch”, 15 — bracket 16 — the persistent plate of the tension mechanism exalt, 17 — a plug of the coupling devices 18, 21 of the cover 19, the bearing housing of the intermediate shaft 20 to the box frame 22, the working shaft, 23 — screed, 24 — milling the 25 intermediate shaft 26, the bearings 205, 27, 28 — the intermediate sprocket, 29 — bearings 306, 30 — sprocket output shaft.

In the rear of the frame is the drawbar — steel band welded to it a U-shaped bracket. When using motorati in the main option in the fifth wheel hitch pivotally secured to the brake crutch, which regulates the speed of advancement of the arable and degree of soil. When you use the same unit in the embodiment of mototada (with transport cart) instead of a crutch is secured the lug carrier truck. Of course, in this case, instead of cutters on the working shaft installed the wheel.
For metafrasi need three stars — two of them (Z-25 and Z-11) located on the intermediate shaft and one (Z-15) at work. All sprockets are machined from steel, but the variant of a welded structure: the hub — fitting cut pipe and the disc is steel plate with a thickness of 7 mm.
When assembling the unit, particular attention should be given to the installation of the engine: the vehicle stars to cope with the axis of the sprocket, ia the intermediate shaft. For convenience, make the brackets the engine mounts wider than the lugs on the crankcase Assembly and use shims — this will help to accurately match the plane of the stars.
Device motoagricola
the MILLED... the PLOT
If after starting the engine, you find that it overheats, you’ll need to construct a simple fan. For motors of the series sh is quite simple — the cover plate is cut a hole coaxial with the wheel magneto, the last is fixed impeller of the centrifugal fan. The snail and the duct can wring from aluminum sheet.
The engine is best kakapotahi — you will need a sheet of roofing iron or aluminum, bent in the form of a letter of P. Mills (wheels) cover mud flaps.
The engine controls are no different from regular. On the arms by motorize handle mounted throttle, clutch, shifter. Engine starts with the kick starter by hand.
Transport truck going on a tubular frame. It establishes a body assembled from desyatiletnego plywood with dural or steel corners. Immediately before the body is installed in the driver’s seat for this purpose it is best to use the frame of an old metal chair. Wheel transport trucks must be equipped with drum brakes; the handle of the drive is fixed on the truck.

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