Almost accidentally I “turned” the glue that sticks together good parts from plastics, for example polystyrene. To obtain the necessary glue small pieces of plastic or polystyrene to fill in a container made of glass, fill with solvent No. 646. Occasionally the contents must be mixed to obtain a flowable creamy mass.


For many years I use this glue to restore chipped or cracked various household predmetov. The glue used in the manufacture of housings for electronic items, various boxes of seedlings, the “garden” on the windowsill, on the balcony.
Panel manufacturer of plastic tiles
Panel manufacturer of plastic tiles:
1 – bottom row (layer) of the tiles; 2 – the top layer of pasted plates; 3 – adhesive layer

Assembly of the panels
Assembly of the panels:
1 – side panel (2 PCs); 2 – end panel (2pcs); 3 – the bottom (possible the same cover)

By the way, good material for these purposes are the tiles made of polystyrene with dimensions of 100×100 mm. paste Them before the walls of kitchen, bathroom. Now, these tiles are removed and discarded, replacing a tile.
Beveled tile I cleaned with a file from dirt, wash and dry my. Then lay out in rows face down on the floor spread out on plastic wrap. The number of tiles is determined by the size of the sides and bottoms of manufactured box or drawer.
Laying out the first layer of tiles, begin placing the second layer on top of the first. To do this, cover with adhesive tiles and place it on the tiles of the first layer so that it covers the corners of four lower tiles.
The tiles of the two layers are pressed against each other. As the oppression imposed on top of the Board with the cargo. Drying must be done at least a day. After drying the cutter from the bottom layer cut off the excess. From the resulting two-layer sheet to cut out and cut off the bottom, sides and, if necessary, to cover. Cover glue the edges of the sides and edges of the bottom. Make them from the box. If you made a box for the “garden”, the sizing inside the joints between tiles, the corners between the sides and the angles between the bottom and sides fill the entire length with glue.
Making the corner of the box or case
The design of the corner of the box or case:
1 – side panel; 2 – block; 3 – the end

Getting the glue
Receive glue:
1 – granules of polystyrene tiles;2 – glass jar; 3 – solvent No. 646

Box balcony, you need to collect four layers of tiles.
If that is the case for the electronic DIY, it is necessary to cut into four cubes and stick them in the corners of the housing. The ends of these sticks will be screws bolts or screws for securing the cover.
Products tiles turn out light and beautiful.
To repair the broken buildings of the receivers, tape recorders, telephone devices and other equipment necessary to pick up the plastic for the adhesive the same color with the repaired device.
MARTYNOV, G. V I t e b s K, Belarus

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