The front door is equipped with a useful gadget. Recently in the market of electronic devices there is a new curious gadget – an electronic peephole with the simple title “Eye”, equipped with a camera capable of operating in the infrared range, buzzer and LCD display, which is proposed to be installed on metal doors.
Standard door viewer allows you to look at the visitor, only if the landlord is inside. If the guest has not appeared in the absence of the owner, the latter may not know about such a visit. Electronic peephole “Eye” is designed to solve such a problem. Novelty is a device consisting of a doorbell, a compact camera and panel with LCD-display which must be attached to the inner side of the front door.

After pressing the doorbell button first bell ringing; after the gadget includes display, takes a picture or starts recording video (depending on user-selected options). The names of the output files will contain the date and time of your visit. For example, the file “20120724-151123.jpg” represents the made in 15 hours 11 minutes 23 seconds of the 24-th of July 2012, the year and the file “20120725-173213.avi” contains a video made in 17 hours 32 minutes 13 seconds 25th July 2012.
For storing photos and videos, the device has a slot for flash drives format microSD – supports card capacities up to 16GB. Package included card on 128 MB. It may be enough for about a thousand photos, or about two hours of video.
If the menu “System setup” to set the parameter “Enable infrared illumination”, the device will produce photos and video in “night” mode. This is useful in case if the stairwell is not lit the lamp.

The owner also may at any time to see what was happening outside. The corresponding image is displayed.
Unlike many surveillance systems (e.g., video door phones cost from 500$), which requires certain specific skills for installation, “Eye” is very simple in its installation and operation. No need for drag the wiring, look for unoccupied sockets and damage the walls of the novelty will be enough holes in the doors, which housed the usual door peephole, and all fasteners are included in the kit. It works on three AA batteries, which provide approximately 1,100 inclusions of the screen.

The model is available for sale in different retail and Internet stores. Equip your house with devices of the future is now!