Free lessons in 3d modeling

Free lessons in 3d modelingTo date, the abbreviations 2D and 3D will not surprise anyone, neither student nor pensioner. Every modern man one way or another in everyday life encounters with these word combinations. 2D (two-dimensional graphics) is a type of computer graphics that works with the image specified in two parameters – the width and height. Such an image can be called flat. 3D (three-dimensional graphics) is a type of computer graphics that works with the image specified by three parameters – width, height and depth. Such an image can be called volumetric.

Thanks to 3D format, we can analyze and estimate the size of the object, the distance to it, because our sight is able to perceive the future. And realistically perceive the picture in 2D format helps us the brain, he independently translate a flat image into three-dimensional.


It is impossible to say that 2D is worse than 3D format. They just have different focus. If we talk about 2D graphics, then it is better to use to display text on the screen, it is predominant in terms of amount of information. And 3D graphics are used when the advantage is in the special effects.


People working with technical industries, certainly got the job to model any process scheme of the production or part of some device. Almost any student of a technical College knows firsthand about the plans that they have to simulate in 2D and 3D formats, but not everyone can cope with this task. But today, in the era of information technology, it is no longer a problem. On the Internet you can find a huge number of websites with ready-made drawings, models, or tutorials and video tutorials on their creation. Of course, the majority wants to go the path of least resistance, so pay the money for that work others are doing. But there are those who want to understand and do it herself.


To do this, on 17 November 2006 and a website was created which provided free lessons in 3d modeling. This site provided a huge amount of auxiliary material, finished drawings, 3D models made in various programs (Autocad, Compass-3D, SolidWorks). Here you can always find only good, proven quality material. On the website you have a unique opportunity to download the drawings in two formats: dwg and cdw. Site administrators were able to gather a huge number of free video tutorials on various subjects. Thanks to them, you do not make the big work independently to learn software such as AutoCAD, Compass-3d, SolidWorks; you will be able to learn the basics of sketching, descriptive geometry, engineering graphics. Also here you can find information on the major drawing Standards, ISO and many other useful for students, engineers, architects and those who are in any way associated with 3D design and modeling. It should be noted that the site has a forum where you can ask questions, chat with other people and you will be heard. The benefits of the site it is necessary to add very user-friendly interface that is not unimportant. The interface is simple, clear and easy to understand, not complicated huge designs, which can be opened using scrollinga window contain more information, which at times makes finding the information You need.