HIGH-TECH METAL PROCESSINGA sequence of various technological operations, DMG CTX gamma 2000 TC — a technology that allows to provide a complete and advanced processing technique. Thanks to the power rotation, gear hobbing tooling, drilling, punching machining is performed up to 5 axis interpolation. The video shows many of the operations that are used in the energy sector.

Absolute world novelty – CTX gamma 2000 TC is now also with 12-position turret, in addition to the turning / milling spindle – with a uniquely simple multi-channel programming. Due to this improvement allows flexible use of the working area and thereby increases universal for small and medium batches of products. While ShopTurn 3G on the basis of the new interface SINUMERIK Operate for the first time provides a combination of programming according to DIN optimizing the time and make programming in ShopTurn, which leads to optimization of setup time to 30%.

TS is a built – in disc store 36 tools with the device for a quick change, the acronym is also used to refer to integrated mobile column with a powerful milling spindle with b – axis for 5-axis machining. Since the CTX series has a high-tech character, it goes without saying that all the features of axle as easily be used depending on the task at hand, thanks to the software integrated in the control system of the machine.


The distinctive features of turn-mill machine DMG CTX gamma 2000 TC

  • Improved productivity through the optimization of the treatment processcontrol System on the CTX gamma 2000 TC
  • Innovative multi-channel programming with ShopTurn 3G for significant reduction of time programming complex contours
  • Absolute flexibility between DIN & WOP – DIN optimizing the time and comfortable ShopTurn 3G programming
  • The flexible use of working area and improved productivity for small and medium batches with an extra revolver
  • Empower machining CTX gamma TC
  • Powerful turning-milling spindle with NC-controlled B-axis and torque-motor
  • Fast, easy and clearly structured tool management
  • Reducing setup time by 30%

The control system of the CTX gamma 2000 TC

  • Siemens 840D solutionline