HYBRID TRACKED VEHICLEI have to say, I don’t homebrew and the car was collected only in order to check how the mechanism of rotation, which I patented. So the car made a simple that have no practical value, except to ride in shallow snow. Caterpillar used Baranovsky, long, sawn her jigsaw into two parts. Stars also buranovskie. As the traction engine took skaterny 150 CC motor with a CVT. Differentials muravievskaya, the rotary electric motor of 1.2 kW from the mixer.


At first I wanted to use a BLDC motor at 2kW with batteries off the bike, but in the future scroobius and used collector. The frame was prepared from a rectangular profile. The car was built without any drawings, to the eye, but goes perfectly, turns perfectly smoothly unlike machines that turn by braking one of the tracks passing the turn discrete.


This rotation mechanism allows you to create fast cars, and since the control goes through the wires it is possible to build ground vehicles. In case of failure of the rotation mechanism, you can disable it and continue with side brakes that make the machine with the free differential and side brakes. This increases the survivability of tracked vehicles.


When taxiing aircraft brakes riding less comfortable in terms of handling, once nadodigal brake , and somewhere overexposed. On 1km. the way these machines account for up to 92 times to adjust the direction of movement, and it’s very tiring, so on such machines legally limited the speed to 40km/h.


The proposed mechanism of rotation in its properties resembles the hydrostatic as T90, but in the time it takes energy from the battery and not from the engine. By the way try the T90 to enter a turn on the vent gas is not enough performance of the pump, and this is not good.