IMAGINATIVE ARTISTS OF KARELIAAlexander A. Koksharov distant from the Karelian village of Loukhi — one of the most loyal subscribers of the magazine “modelist-Konstruktor” with 40 years of experience. Since childhood he enthusiastically engaged in the design and manufacture of improvised mechanized equipment. From the pictures that Alexander sent to the editor, only a very small part of what he has created— he has over 50 homemade. Some of them are already dismantled, and others have served the century, part is operated by friends and acquaintances.


Self-propelled chassis-tractor created on the basis of the engine IZH-P3 (photo 1,2) with additional forced cooling speeds up to 25 km/h Under own mass 200 kg has a payload capacity of 350 kg and can tow a trailer weighing up to 500 kg driven wheels—front from the car “UAZ” and improved on the tread sliced deep “bomb” in the Winter—paired: additional attached to the base using four bolts through the tubular spacers. In winter, the tractor is equipped with a blade for snow removal and summer is on its place you can install a dump body or other required attachments.
In the background is the mini-jeep. Meets all the requirements of the STS, but because it was successfully registered and received license plates of the Motor is the same as on the tractor — IZH-P3 Weight of the mini-jeep — 190 kg, load capacity — 2 persons plus 50 kg of cargo, speeds up to 60 km/h, Thanks to a homemade step-down box has 12 speeds drive wheels rear, with a diameter of 820 mm, lightweight, high “saber” and with disks made from tanks from washing machines, Front-wheel — from “UAZ”, modified as well on the tractor the Mini-jeep is being operated in its fourth year and has never failed.
Karelia is a country of forests and lakes. Where is the forest there are hunting, where water there fishing And to get to the chosen places of the nature, need transport, Yes that could overcome forest roads in summer and winter. One of these machines — the Quad (photo 3) with the engine “Vyatka-Electron” with a capacity of 7.5 litres with a Maximum speed of 40 km/h Wheel — from the “Oise”, with a cropped, lightweight rubber, rear — twin. Due to the low weight (100 kg) the Quad can swim and overcome the small water obstacles.
Tricycle-air suspension (photo 4) also with the engine “Vyatka-Electron” Maximum speed — 45 km/h -120 kg load capacity, can tow a wheeled trailer with 150 kg payload Design tricycle overall traditional, and her “zest” — very low weight — 85 kg is Achieved, firstly, by facilitating the tires of the rear wheels, made of 1300 mm Krasovskij (the mass of each in a total of only 11 kg), and, secondly, through the frame, fully assembled aluminum parts In the result, the pneumatic, same as the ATV can stay afloat.
And finally — a snowmobile (and where do without it in the winter on snow-covered Karelia?) The design is also quite traditional (photo 5); part-used ideas from a magazine “modelist-Konstruktor” (the article “the Arctic wolf in the snow”, n 10 2001) Well, the “trick” in the material of the frame and in details of construction All of the original “raw material” (including for the snowmobile) was collected and harvested for many years, “Donor” pieces — “the remains” of a crashed aircraft and even rocket series “Cosmos,” which stumbled in the forest. Found the quality of aviation parts allows to use them in makeshift structures after even several decades Hence their low weight snowmobile weighs 120 kg With engine, T-200M, he accelerates to 70 km/h.
Readers may have noticed that in the present designs of all-wheel — updated (in a major “checkered”) protectors, upgrade tires, starting with the “shoes” of the aircraft An-28 and ending motorolacom, special hobby A. Koksharova For many years made dozens of different options lightweight tire For pneumatic-tired machines and ATVs this tire is best suited. Used by many homebrew equipment for such cameras have low online (2 3 years) and high vulnerability (from puncture). And lightweight tires in the “checkered” are up to 10 years (and some instances longer) without a single puncture.
A. KOKSHAROV, Karelia, Louhi p.

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