JOB SEARCHIt is not easy to be among the first to be among those who are equal, who learn, who do they take to Be a torch lighting the way to many many people.

Among the tens of thousands of vocational schools of the country, on whose shoulders lay the care of training of the working class, Moscow, vocational school № 40 — one of those who voluntarily took upon you the difficult and responsible role — to be a pioneer of experimentation in learning. His methodical quest to pursue one goal: to educate the young worker is ready not only to creative work for the benefit of the homeland, not just by a qualified technician, but above all a man search internally configured on innovation, on breaking the habitual, but obsolescent, in the name of higher productivity.
It is this aspect of teachers l creative searches of students from vocational school No. 40 was marked by the convening in Moscow on VDNH the USSR, Central exhibition “NTTM-76” and appreciated the laureate diplomas. Her main focus in the atom of a small essay.
Old every seen in my life training “Zhiguli” slowly (limit is 40 km/h!) rolled the miles with another Intern in the quiet streets behind the stadium “Dynamo”. The command of the instructor replaced one another, flashed the familiar names, intersections, trolley stop. Suddenly a violent blow from behind. “The Zhiguli” have jerked his wheel to the edge of the sidewalk.
Have directions! in despair, exclaimed the instructor.
The hapless Intern and old driver got out of the car. Two meters behind stood a powerful MAZ. And the whole “transom,” as would say the shipbuilders, the car was caved in the body.
Hard it is you! with a sympathetic note in her voice threw someone out instantly surrounded the scene of the accident curious.
The matter took an unpleasant turn. Repair promised to be difficult, it tore all the graphics exam preparation in the traffic police the next group of drivers.
…And then out of the door treuting of the building opposite ran a group of guys, headed by an energetic man in a blue jumpsuit.
I won’t describe how they examined a broken limousine, as, after some discussion, offered to drive him to the yard of the house as to the words about the upcoming payment of the repair casually said,
You: it’s interesting and useful — you need!
The guys were from vocational school № 40, and was head of the senior master of the school and, as it turned out, his “master dynamite” (a humorous nickname, received for the irrepressible generation of technical ideas) Igor I. Chernyshov.
The senior master. Those readers who are not familiar with the work of vocational schools, apparently, it is not clear why school is such a position. Let me explain.
One of the oldest in the Union — forty years of preparation, a new shift of the working class behind! — vocational school № 40 of their structure resembles a shop of a large plant. Twenty masters prepare the children to work in manufacturing, heading as if twenty teams, and directs and coordinates all” educational and operational activities of the senior master. If you consider that the school produces for the operators of different profiles, and even draftsmen and radiomechanical, it is possible to imagine, and how diverse knowledge should possess this man, and what are the potential opportunities for the creative approach it has at its disposal.
Igor Ilyich not new to PTU, we can say, his veteran. He associated with him hard: a dozen years worked in the forties by the master. In short, experience, knowledge of the specifics of training of children and — most importantly — relationships with those companies, which “absorb” the issue behind the issue, is enough.
Expressive, lively, Igor Ilyich, the very nature of his created for the role that fell to him — to be a kind of chief of staff, plus the chief designer and chief engineer of your shop. Is it because its a small office grid graphics classes are combined with plans vorovskoi work, and a clear scheme of implementation of production tasks with dozens of different half-cocked and brought to mind the fixtures, to fill up a good half of the table.
This diversity of training everyday is also evident in the conversation. It prevails a teacher — and it comes to the creation of interest groups, the habit of explaining the show peep and the hands start to disassemble the item into its original “insides”. Often pronounced: “we spied on the “Caliber”, “we took It from a Bulletin of technical information, and the rest if the boys thought themselves”, “there’s not a single school”.
As it should be “dynamite”, Igor Ilyich constantly undergoing training and production process of new “explosive” ideas. One of them was already confirmed today the right to life the idea of creation of creative groups.
The complexity of the involvement of children technical creativity in terms of vocational schools, — says Igor Ilyich — is that we have too little time. Only three years are engaged in our future work. And during this time we have not only to teach their profession — Yes, even to such an extent that they came to the factory not “salazhata” and skillful professionals. We have to give them secondary education in the scope of the school. And technical creativity. Literally all of our school for years actively involved in the Union review of the NTTM. The boys stretched themselves to creativity. They understand that in our time the value of working with the skills of innovator, not only seeking to streamline the manufacturing process, but able to do doubles, if not triples.
How can that be? Because the load on the students have great school plus school, plus work, and his childish lack of cases.
We, of course, do not abandon the traditional, so to speak, extra-curricular club sessions. Engaged in the movement of NTTM, they created many useful innovations. We have your “beacons” in this case. The circle of radiomechanical, which is headed by the master of inservice training Anatoly Ivanovich Karolinka, have repeatedly won prizes and diplomas at various exhibitions. Priority working under the guidance of master Leo Nikolaevich Karpov, for the semester “given the” literally dozens of interesting designs. This equipment, which will serve as elegant benefits, suddenly appear a device that in our case the school does not enter: for example, light shooting, received the medal VDNH USSR.
But this level could not satisfy. Everything: the teachers, and the guys are puzzled over how exactly to make technical creativity is an integral part of preparation For future work at the enterprises. Were many good proposals. To formulate, implement them, helped four people: the Director Sergei Petrovich Koromyslov, chairmen of councils IN the IR of the plant “Banner of revolution” and “Kommunar” and wonderful teacher, a favorite of the entire team of master Vladimir Sergeyevich Filippov.
That was our idea. Very technical work introduced directly into the main training and production process, combined with the development of professions.
It was easy to say — to enter, and how to do it? The course found unusual but, in our opinion, very promising.
For many years vocational school perform in the classroom certain orders of plants. Scheduled job based on a contractual basis, supported material. Sometimes the company is considering PSU as a kind of auxiliary workshop, charging him relatively simple, but at the same time is disadvantageous for various reasons, most plant orders. Often they do not even long-term and one-time. In the “downtime” as children make the “training” parts, which are then sent as useless as scrap metal.
The management of the plant “Banner of revolution” has gone on experiment: signed the contract with vocational schools in the production of a special kind, and for a year and a relatively large amount. In agreement with VOIR factory, with the Breeze in their rough copies of the master and the boys themselves had to develop a variety of tools that facilitate the work of the operator, increases productivity. “Innovation is on the flow!” — so it would be possible to put a summary undertaken by school obligations.
It was clear that working with old, traditional methods, even such an experienced teaching staff in vocational school № 40 (all of his masters — experienced production workers, by the way, all graduates of his forties), perform this task couldn’t. And then V. S. Filippov gave the idea of creation of creative groups. They formed twenty — IV each entered the master and the most prepared, with a creative streak guys. Senior master drew up a draft plan for the academic year; discussed it with the guys. Started interesting, not really “training”, although giving for the formation of the future work a lot of work. Design new, instead of doing useless “educational” part — what a gorgeous search attitude created this real opportunity!
There is in Cycling the term: drag race. Much of what has occurred in recent years in the forties the school also fits this definition. The tone from the first steps have specified the class — the creative group under the guidance of V. S. Filippov, master. Hero of Socialist Labor, delegate of the XXV Congress of the CPSU, in the recent past, great industrialist, he in his heart had come to the College to raise the working shift. His methods of training, its experience in identifying creative endeavors, discovering talents has repeatedly been the subject of discussion, were adopted and are being adopted by employees of vocational training.
Vladimir Sergeyevich decided to combine the collective start in learning innovation with individual responsibility. In practice, this is true. In accordance with the Temnik guys are ideas. Which needs to translate into metal. Further work is proceeding “in tandem”: master — apprentice, in the process, involved boys from the same creative team (if it is not enough that something does not work), and if the parts are working “not profile”, and from the neighbouring groups. On the final exam — it has become the norm — a young worker brings not “training”, and the live — debugged, a invented, with his own hands made the design. And then the decision: to recommend to her to produce more or less significant series to equip the machine tools of a workshop.
About how much creative imagination, imagination put the guys in these parts, some original and useful they were, could judge the visitors of the Central exhibition “NTTM-76”, held at ENEA USSR. There, among other exhibits, the vocational schools were prominent fixture for drilling a variety of complex configuration items, the work of the students of vocational school № -40. Looks like this design the top half of the classic robot… only without a head. But two powerful “paws” with three degrees of freedom at the command of the manipulator grasping and firmly grasped the slippery, unyielding detail, all consisting of curved surfaces and rubbing her firmly to the plate of the drilling machine. Simply, quickly, economically! No wonder this work was awarded the highest award of the competition NTTM — diploma and medal of laureate.
If allowed stands, vocational school № 40 could provide dozens of such developments, the eye trait which is a nontraditional approach to carrying out the usual operations, simplicity and cost-efficiency solutions and the introduction — the introduction into production, the real benefits of today. This Vice for machining of complex parts, allowing you to fix them firmly and at the same time without damage to the surfaces. And devices for quick change of cutters on a lathe. And table radiomontazhnika where everything is at hand and each operation during its execution is controlled by the devices. Ultimately, this dozens of rationalization proposals, confirmed by copyright certificates, this set is embedded in the production of smart, lovingly made mechanisms. In short, it is hundreds (for two hundred people per year) skilled, creative, love their work young workers.
Characteristic: wherever then graduates of vocational school № 40, in their production characteristics primarily celebrated as it is valuable in our days the quality — a creative approach to work, aspiration to contribute to the early implementation of the plan, in the implementation of the ambitious targets of the plan.
Mark the oldest vocational school is highly regarded in the industrial enterprises of the capital. Experience vocational school № 40 is constantly under the scrutiny of colleagues. Without exaggeration, guests travel here from all over the country. They learn and statement of teaching, and the structure of the organization of the creative process, and methods of searching for new ways in educational work. And yet — they take away the feeling of high intensity, creative enthusiasm, unity of purpose, where you live, which are all who are associated with the fortieth vocational schools.
* * *
…Less than an hour, as an old Zhiguli, straightened and refreshed, as if he had been in a traffic jam, rolled out of the yard of the vocational school № 40 in Petrovsko-Razumovsky passage. Driving it sat an old chauffeur guide, and next in relief smiling a hapless Intern.
The Intern that was me.