ON THE ROAD BY ELLIPSESWhat happens if you cut a cylinder and two parallel planes at an angle to its axis and to replace the resulting “pancakes” wheels of a conventional car? It turns out that in the end we will get the vehicle of the increased passability. On normal roads this car moves exactly the same as a car with standard wheels, because at any point, the distance from the road to the axis remains constant, equal to the radius of the cylinder. Of course, with the difference that leaving a trail is not straight, but curved in the form of a sine wave.

But should this car get on the road, as immediately begin to affect the dignity ellipse wheels. Normal tyre, once the conditions begins to bury itself, but elliptigo wheels when slippage and rolling on this ground any further lateral force and force of push. Besides constantly changing the fulcrum: wheel all the time gets to intact, non-sagging portion of the soil. Ellipse wheels can perform the role of propulsion in amphibious variant: they make a good paddle wheels.
At the request of the engineer V. A. Pestrikova, author elliptigo wheels, the guys from the House of young technicians of the Magnitogorsk metallurgical combine was made experimental model of the “Bruin” of the car. The purpose of this research is to study the possibilities of such a wheel, check the patency of the model under different conditions.
To obtain a sufficiently complete picture of these wheels on the model a two-speed gearbox: this allows you to vary the gear ratio depending on soil density.

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