KNIFE ROLLThe coil is the most convenient form of packaging thin sheet materials and for the transportation and storage in warehouses. Foil, a synthetic film or paper in a tightly collapsed become a monolith, convenient in handling and are not particularly suffering from the hard grips of different mechanisms.

And yet a small part of the surface layers of spoil. Before to roll in razdelyvanie of the machine, workers remove spoiled “shirt”, often cutting it by hand — sometimes just a knife, similar to a Shoe.
What to do if there is razdelyvanie machine and must be cut vs roll on the leaves? Think about it, young innovators Kaunas furniture production Association “Kauno-Baldy”, designing small pneumatic machine. The basis they took the existing drilling tool, working from the standard pipeline and the working head mounted circular knife-saw. To improve the safety of the tool has a top shroud and the bottom plate is covered with a movable arc — similar to the one on circular saws.
Air knife
Pneumatic knife:
1 — fitting to the pneumatic system, 2 — body, 3 — handle, 4 — switch, 5 — casing, 6 —saw, 7 — protective arc.
With the help of machines in one pass you can cut through the roll to a depth of 12 mm. Tool size with an iron and weighs almost how much is 1.6 kg, so using them is easy and convenient.

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