PIONEER AUTOMOTORAnd then not only did these guys on their skittish mechanized horses! That famously drove past us one after another, zdybel homemade motorcycle on the rear wheel. Then, giving the engine full throttle, broke on a steep sandy slope. We have made a dashing jumping, landing, as befits the masters of motorcycle sport, on the rear wheel.

Honestly, even I could not believe that so confidently own strict, cranky machine boys, who only old 11 — 12 years.
The members motor section of the motor club of Tallinn, the Palace of pioneers, children of Arkady Ioganesovich Ale, showed their skills.
Pioneer motor club. Unusual form in the system of children’s technical creativity. Typically, these institutions are widely distributed in DOSAAF. This is a solid technical organization with powerful material base, which are usually engaged in the training of future drivers of goods and passenger transport. There are many of AMC and the sports section, where it is cultivated mainly motor sports and autocross for trucks and passenger cars. Issues of technical creativity automotor avoid the children’s technical creativity. This is understandable, since the tasks of the AMK DOSAAF includes mainly training of preinduction youth and the widespread promotion of military-technical knowledge.
Well pioneer AMC? Because children younger and secondary school age to obtain a driving licence cars and motorcycles yet Oh how far! Do not covered under the new name of the old familiar form of the same circles, sections, laboratories design?
— No, not lies, — says head of AMK and its long-term “owner” Arkady Ioganesovich Ale. We sought in the creation of the club to combine in it and creative and sports start. Because we can not imagine how it is possible to separate modern types of technical sport from the great creative work on improvement of machines, the same parkostroyeniya motorcycles, karts and the creation of new transport technology. It is this work — work in the workshops on fine-tuning technique, giving it over entirely new qualities — it is our club’s main. Sport is the logical conclusion of many months of labor, that is to say, the most visible and objective detection of the results of creative thought of our boys. It is a measure of preparedness for the entry into the world of big equipment.
Looking ahead, we say that preparation for independent creative work in modern, complex technology rich world pioneer AMC gives excellent. Obviously, therefore, at relatively low tide of the guys in “traditional” circles of the Republican syut — in motor club of the Palace of pioneers literally formed a queue at the club close and everyone can not accept.
Today pioneer AMK Tallinn is a large workshop in the basement of one of the buildings of the Tallinn pioneer Palace (workshop, equipped with all necessary machines, note). And four boxes, where the usual riders disarray stored skeletons of old and not complete bikes, frames karts, engines and the like economy. According to the Director, now 17 go karts with engines working volume of 50 cm3, 15 kart engine 125 cm3 and approximately the same number of motorcycles of the same categories (125 CC go, of course, older students, already emerged from the pioneer age). Soon they were joined by the cars and a few buggies, lovingly designed drawings which showed me A. I. Ale. Not a small farm, frankly. And it is all the more the feeling of admiration for the work of AMK, almost all these cards and motorcycles made by hands of children. Even if it basically is factory design, from serial samples in which little is left.
Arkady Ioganesovich Ale, who commands all this economy for five years, is no stranger to motor racing. Himself an experienced mechanic, an avid rally driver, avtosportservis, he and employees of the club were selected according to the same principle: that these people have a solid engineering training, and that they loved motor sports. And so it happened that, who do teachers call it, is necessarily a candidate master or master of sports, car or motorcycle racer.
Here I must say that in AMK solidly delivered not only practical but also theoretical work. In addition to the Ale, lessons in driving theory, according to the rules of traffic, the vehicles are former members of the club: a young engineer Andres Korsakov, candidate master of sports Enno Puu, master of sports of the constructor of karts Hubert Arvan and other well-known in Estonia athletes. Under the supervision of aces motorcycle “pilot” the guys have lessons on practical driving, traffic police lecture them on road safety. In short, in the preparation of the camp in Estonia together attended by representatives of education authorities, and DOSAAF, and rudovci. Rare unity! Not surprisingly, the guys from AMK to all youth competitions among the winners of all walls of a small office are covered with diplomas won by young Estonian athletes that champion of the USSR among young men carting Toivo the Tinder — also a member of AMC.
It is not surprising therefore, that pioneer AMC is well equipped and well supplied with spare parts and materials. His budget for the year is 10 thousand rubles — this is the joint contributions of the education authorities and the DOSAAF. The leaders of the club in any of the planning organizations of the Republic there is no failure. Need serial card? Please! Going to build a special track for the competition? And there are no obstacles. Involuntarily recall avtoinstruktora and karting clubs, witnessed in other cities of the country. Could not help thinking: if there were able to establish this unity of education workers and dosaafovtsev, no matter how productively went there to work! Because not enough quite a few good and promising thinking enthusiastic leader who could bring together different points of view of the organizations working in parallel on getting the kids to master technique, to combine their efforts and create that same active and very useful clubs, pioneer AMC. Obviously, there is a place to attach the arms and scouts. It’s worth it though, because the sports achievements as mentioned before, is still a solid creative base.
Here, for example, how did the pioneer 50 CC motocross bike. I must say that these machines are available commercially. But they are expensive and too heavy for young riders. And not have to say that for sports the drive simply unusable. That’s why pioneer AMC decided to create your motocross bike to… ordinary serial moped “Riga”.
Worked on it, of course, collectively. First of all, the most experienced young riders through the most brutal testing has determined where the serial car has a “weakness”. Then going to the technical Board of the club (some of the Board members could barely even see from your tables) and to decide to whom to entrust the development of such a site. Broke into groups and began to consider and to draw. Some thought on how to strengthen the wheel, others tried to make a more solid frame, and others were designed chassis. Experimented, “broken” machines. In short, within a few months near Tallinn worked as a testing ground. The result is a motorcycle that you see on the first page of the tab: delicate, dynamic machine, no way inferior to serial motocross model.
Here are the main alterations that had to resort to a serial design. The bike has a new wheel of larger diameter with reinforced tread. It was good to “hold the road”, it is easy to place on swampy and sandy areas. Made up and reinforced wheel allowed confidently control the car even the youngest drivers, changed comfortable fit.
Strengthened frame. She is now withstand any shocks when hitting an obstacle and allows you to ski jump. Was boosted engine and change the gear ratio of gears: dramatically increased throttle response of the motorcycle and his ability to move in terms of challenging tracks. I changed the gas tank. Today it is still made of metal but are planning to switch to fiberglass construction. The gas tank became smaller, which improved the alignment of the machine. And finally, the shifting is now performed not manually, as standard bike and using the pedals. Handling has increased even more.
It would seem a little rework, but what a result! After all, these former scooter boys showed us the highest class of motorcycle riding.
The same system was carried out and work on the kart. Serial card “Estonia”, which acquires pioneer AMC, admittedly, a good, reliable machine. However, they are not without drawbacks. A trifle, it would seem that the location of the exhaust pipe. But when driving on a poorly prepared track (and how many of us good go-kart tracks!) she often flies. Not very good and brakes. In short, here was a lot of work. And here’s a version of “pioneer cards”. Please note, as changed the configuration of the bottom of the map, the steering column, as the increased reliability of disk brakes, as it is the gas tank and exhaust pipe, how much easier it was to drive because the gear shift grip made in the place where it is convenient to reach. There are a number of clever innovations which deserve a separate discussion. Now for us the important thing: neither sporty nor creative work in their skillful combination does not contradict each other, but rather help you find the best design solution and at the same time to teach children to think, to consider, experiment, in short, to teach the basics of construction work.
And once on fire, the spark of creativity can no longer go out. So it is in the Tallinn pioneer AMC. Solved for today the basic problems of modernization of the motorcycle, put on the “serial” production of karts. But how can be completed that design work for someone who already used to all the time invent something new and check out this new practice!
Next, I would say, higher the creative search of the Tallinn children going in the direction of designing and creating youth buggy. Lately appeared in print quite a lot of descriptions and drawings of sports cars in this class. If tallini was focused only on sports performance, they could be based on the most proven design, a bit to modernize it and put “on stream” manufacture their own dirt cars. But it seems, from what has already been told, do you understand that copying someone else’s samples here. Estonian buggy will largely not like those machines to which we have already begun to get used in the competition. It is too early to say how they will do on the track: their embodiment in metal has just begun, but judging by the drawings, by the amount of labor which has been spent on developing “their” model, Estonian buggy will have a interesting sports destiny.
Could be here to talk about other design ideas young members of motor club and their leaders. For example, the same self-similar of the track, which they planned to build jointly with the head of avtomodelistov Republic Artur Alexandrovich Rand and his Pets. Of eye not in it. Importantly, in our view, the fact that Estonia was born and successfully developed the new organization of technical creativity that has already shown its prospects, but not uncovered all the possibilities. Automotor with his peculiar economy, with its special, inherent only in the sports relations and at the same time, with creative promising design approach, this type of organization has proved its right to life. I think, however, that if such merger of interests of the education authorities, DOSAAF and ORUD-GAI, which was crystallised in AMK Tallinn pioneer Palace of pioneers, the boundaries of its sphere of influence could be much wider. This, by the way, I think the leaders of pioneer AMC. You already know that the club are not only pioneers, but the guys in high school. So, the idea to create as an experiment, automotor, which could engage students of all ages, all the “subordination” (referring to the system of vocational schools, and colleges and universities). In this motor club and teachers would work with the long-term. They would see that their educational or work embodied in the characters of courageous, skillful designers and athletes.
Really, really need a club! Not one.