REWRITABLE PAPERResearchers from the Taiwan Institute of industrial technology (ITRI) has created a new type of media called i2R e-Paper, text and images which can be printed and erased dozens of times.

Sheet i2R e-Paper is covered with plastic film with cholesteric liquid crystals which do not have Central symmetry. To get the image on this “paper” it is necessary to pass through a thermal printer. Erased by re-processing in the device.

The researchers note that i2R e-Paper characterized by low weight and flexibility. It is possible to form images of various colors; the current number of write cycles reaches 260.

The developers hope that their technology will find application in advertising, electronic books, Bulletin boards etc. to Bring i2R e-Paper on the market is planned within two years; the cost of a sheet of A4 is expected to be about two dollars.