SCHOOL OF CREATIVITY“It is clear that… high-quality products can be released only in companies with a high level of technical equipment. It is also clear that to create such machines, apparatus and devices can only be highly skilled working class, has a great knowledge and a broad Outlook”.
(From the speech of General Secretary of the CPSU Leonid Brezhnev at the ceremonial meeting dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Armenian SSR)

“Required!” All towns with a little bit of developed industry on display ads, at the entrance of factories hang sheets, containing that word. Needed turners and millers, mechanics and razmerchik, installers and operators. Our booming industry today, more than ever, we need qualified personnel — experts, capable from the first days at the plant to give high quality products, work on most complex modern machines.
Such personnel preparing the system of vocational education. Pets PTU today — the Golden Fund of each enterprise. Of course, going to factories and graduate schools in large numbers. Still, the main base of the replenishment personnel, a smithy are vocational schools. That’s why at the XVII Congress of the Komsomol it was decided that the Komsomol to take over the patronage of the vocational school.
Today’s industrial production — and this axiom is impossible without constant improvement, without rationalization, without what is called boundless creative thought.
A few years ago from the heads of vocational schools, it was possible to hear the phrase: “Too little time do we have guys: we have time to teach their only profession. To creativity?”
The idea of technical creativity as something concomitant useful, but not necessarily help today fixed life itself. One example of this is the work of educating the workers in the system of vocational education of the Armenian SSR. The leaders of the Komsomol and vocational education of the Republic for many years think that technical creativity is one of the integral parts of the overall system of workforce training.
The winner of the award of Komsomol of Armenia, one name and a thousand names: the award for excellence in technical work received PTU № 9 — the friendly team of people who love their work, are actively preparing for future work at the enterprises of the Republic.
At first glance, nothing special in the ninth school will not find. Same as everywhere, classrooms, workshops, lined with machines, the same austere, almost school discipline with the obligatory calls and change, and yet the atmosphere here is different, it seems to be full of the technique, which soon will face the future working.
Small miracles surround you at every step. The curtains in the audience suddenly start to close on the orders given on the radio. It turns out that the intercom connects all rooms. Projectors and other teaching AIDS, visual AIDS — their would be enough, perhaps two dozen ordinary schools.
And remarkably, all this is the handiwork of students in vocational schools.
Just amazed when they manage to carve out from their saturated to the limit programs extra time for all of these notions. After a period of training in vocational schools is quite small — just half a year. And for the time necessary to learn lots of useful things. The College prepares workers in many professions.
The main facility, which is forged footage — electric plant. In addition, graduates of vocational schools every year waiting for the time factory, a factory for the production of relay protection, -car and the company producing products of office equipment. That’s how diverse world, which includes yesterday’s high school graduates.
As diverse and circles of technical creativity in vocational schools. Maybe a few apart is the only club, bringing together modelers. Necessary and desirable if the existence of such groups in vocational schools? It is impossible for a year and a half and that is how much time the guys in the vocational school to acquire not only the vertices of modeling, but even to secondary skills. That’s why the few attempts to organize model clubs in the system of vocational education usually do not give noticeable effect in the development of creative thought of students.
In our opinion, much more important for vocational schools “profiling”, similar to the major area of study circles in which develops creative thinking of future work, which complement and enhance the acquired knowledge in their chosen profession.
In vocational school № 9 of these clubs a lot. They are created and operate under different classrooms (electrical, technical drawing, electrical and gas welding, vacuum production, etc.). The task of these groups is quite “practical” — the production of visual AIDS. But even in this case, when the technical work is purely applied, academic pursuits, it is the skillful approach of the teacher reveals to students the best opportunities to identify and develop their creative abilities. Visual aid — a kind of window into the world of the future profession, and not just a window, and a magnifying glass. The manufacturer of the host machine on which you have to work, or the schema you have to implement at the factory, is not only the acquisition of the first skill, but everyday is a small discovery for myself. Subsequently, for him to come and open for crew, workshop, factory. In short, the end result of this work — the education of creative thought, education innovator, the innovator, the man of the age of the technological revolution.
It is no accident that in vocational school № 9 has its innovators and inventors. And as a consequence — the first place that the school is regularly ranked in national competitions of innovators.
It is noteworthy that technical creativity in school No. 9 is headed and organized by the Chairman of the Department of VOIR school, head of studies of the engineer E. A. Ghazaryan.
Our mugs, “she says,” are a kind of continuation of the regular education process. We simply cannot imagine life without them. “We” is and the teachers and the students. For the first technical circle — a means of consistently and purposefully to organize the training work. For children he opportunity to test their strength, to establish themselves in their chosen profession. And, equally important, to begin as soon as possible to benefit. After all, what we have is constructed in school, go to work.
Here is a concrete example. Last year the participants of the circles manufactured and introduced in the pavilion of vocational education of the USSR four of the exhibit. Automated typewriter, speaking three languages, the original electronic counter products pipeline wall lamp with remote switch, finally a powerful lamp “Arevik” — these work. Each of them concluded not only search, not only the experiment, but most importantly, each of them designed for business, should benefit. Will take a closer look at one of these clubs. It was created in electrical Cabinet. The leader of the group, Erevan, Pivazyan with noticeable pride demonstrates his various equipment.
All stands of the study, all visuals are created in it by the hands of children, he says. — For example, our most recent work. The scheme of inclusion of luminescent lamps was designed and assembled at the school, and is now widely used in the factory. From the circle in mass production went the circuit of the voltage resonance for microwave filters. As you can see, the main direction of the group — development and manufacture of such items of electrical equipment that could serve the production.
Another circle — the Cabinet of mechanics — directs the master of inservice training of Sasha Asatryan. Its a small group — just nine people — is busy upgrading the typewriter is a polyglot.
Well-equipped circle-vacuum production in vocational school № 9.
Well-equipped club vacuum production in vocational school № 9.
Even hard to count now how many people worked on this machine, — says Sasha. — One leaves, new ones come. And recent graduates and then run into the club after work to help finish the experiment. Feel connected with the school. So good we brought them! With regard to the work in art circles, and becoming a full-fledged workers, they do not cease to engage in technical creativity. As a rule, industry our graduates work more productively, creatively growing, quickly become commanders of production, heads of departments and sections, foremen. It so happened Zemfira Hovhannisyan, Emma Alaverdian, Tonakan Karapetyan, Stepan Thomasiana. You can call dozens of names of the graduates of vocational school № 9, found by working in circles of technical creativity its true vocation, that they have made the first steps in innovation. They all confirm the basic idea: nurturing creativity in young workers, indeed one of the reasons for the success of the school, the Chairman of the State Committee of the USSR Council of Ministers on vocational education A. V. Bulgakov said recently: “…is it any wonder that in this school over the past years — full of achievers, and graduates are distinguished by high production culture”.
You can call and ‘ other vocational schools where technical work is conducted as systematically and thoroughly as in vocational school № 9. In all 58 industrial and technical schools of Armenia today, no one thinks the learning process without the assistance of circles of young modelers and young innovators.
Workers — taking care of the Komsomol.
School production-technical school — plant; this is a common scheme for training skilled personnel in our industry. The factory “Elektron” is one of the fastest growing companies in Armenia. And here come many graduates of vocational school № 9. But of course, that is not enough, and the factory has to recruit cadres from the graduates of the schools. The footage, too, of course, more “raw”, with a clearly strong desire for the technology, with insufficient orientation to the future profession.
If you need to raise your professional level, suggest go here courses.
A requirement here is special. Plant of computing machines has grown from an experimental enterprise of the Institute of mathematical machines of the Armenian Academy of Sciences. It is here they develop all the ideas are implemented then the “Electron”. And so in the Institute’s Komsomol Committee regularly addresses the issue of staffing of the plant with qualified personnel. And the Secretary of the Komsomol Committee Samvel Pelirojas, and the Chairman of the Council of young scientists Edik Petrosyan in the stream of everyday worries and find time for business, at first glance, unusual for the Institute.
How to ensure that the plant received qualified generation, how to Orient students in the profession that they have to master? Here, in Yerevan, Institute of mathematical machines, the Komsomol Committee and the Council of young scientists put this work on a purely business footing.
The first club that they opened in my neighborhood called the school of Cybernetics. He worked at two ordinary schools of Yerevan — No. 13 and No. 132. In fact, there were two circle operators of computers and radio. If a second type different from the usual, such as in the Republican syut, the first is a unique phenomenon. Twice a week worked with high school graduates and young scientists of the Institute of computing. The theory was confirmed by practice: work with the machine, “Nairi”. Actively modeling.
And as a result there was a test were given a certificate of completion school of Cybernetics and… an invitation to work at the plant “Electron”. So the Institute has led and implemented a parallel scheme of vocational training of creative personnel for the industry.
Where each step is associated with finding a new where creative practical work is multiplied by the enthusiasm of the scouts and their desire to bring maximum benefit to the beloved, there should be born are born new forms of technological creativity. That’s why now the Secretary of the Komsomol Committee of the Institute and Chairman of Council of young scientists are actively engaged in the practical implementation of new ideas. Soon the Institute will start to work House of technical creativity. It will become the center focus of all the work young modelers, young innovators and inventors…
The decisions of the XVII Congress of the Komsomol, all Komsomol organizations are invited “to Develop technical creativity in all age and occupational groups of young people.” It is the policy of the Congress apprehended as the guide to action the Komsomol of Armenia.
B. SMAGIN, our special. Q.