ROVER All-terrain vehicle manufactured in July 2013 and all this time worked without a break. Engine turbo diesel Kubota V1505-T power 44 HP (with restrictor) and a torque of 118 Nm. The engine weighs about 120 kg. Fuel tank capacity of 70 liters, the average fuel consumption 2 litres per hour. Transmission of the VAZ-2110, main gear from a GAZ-66.

Battery – three battery 40 Ah generator – 90 A.
Overall dimensions in mm: length — 4100, width 2400, height – 2750, the base – 2400. Cabin width – 2100 mm, bed length – 1800 mm. Weight -1740 kg, payload 1000 kg, tires – 1600×600-25″.
The vehicle combines spaciousness, carrying capacity, maneuverability and reliability, very comfortable: it has a lot of thoughtful little things to make it easier traffic on the roads and camping life.
The car was registered in Gostekhnadzor.
Yu ZHILIN, Vologda

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