THE BOYS ON MY STREETThree of them — three brothers, the same selfless passion for creativity. Not so much time to do them in his life, but what he did, or rather, the direction that they chose, apparently, will largely determine their future life and profession.

I met with the brothers Uchinoumi when the eldest was barely eight years old. However, met — too loud: we were just neighbors — we shared only a low fence. Several times noticed that with the departure of the parents of the boys to work in the next yard began some surprisingly active life: then came the sound of saws, hammering, screeching ungreased brace. Sometimes, though, these sounds ceased, was heard panting, scuffling. And sometimes it ended with a resounding roar.
Somehow, unable to stand, I asked the reason for dispute: it was found that they occur mainly when children are unable to share the tools for the job.
I talked to their father, and judging by the quarrels stopped, the situation normalized: each now has its own tool. Soon the winds over their house hung two new birdhouse, and before the gate had a table and bench from sviestuvai boards. It was all done so lovingly and diligently, and that caused sympathy for the little masters. This feeling got stronger when later had come to know the eldest of them, Volodya. A pupil of the fifth class he came to me for class work in the training workshop. In all the years I never had more attentive and demanding of myself and others student. During the explanation, he listened and not only listened — he listened to every word, and the task tried to follow as carefully as possible. Even when I praised him, he always noticed:
— And here I did a little drawing.
Soon Ukhanov Sr. was one of the most active members of the circle “Skilful hands”. And when a year the school has created primary organization of VOIR, he enrolled in her first.
Among vorovtsev once announced a competition to design a hand cultivator to handle a school site. Volodya rushed as some, just to come up with something sverhoriginalnogo. He first went to engine yard of the farm — look at these hoes. Studied how they work, interaction between individual nodes and components. And then with new positions watched these machines at state farm field.
Only then took over the project. Being apparently under the impression of the diversity of structures seen, he brought to one of her classes a few sketches quite efficient devices. One of them, I recommend Vladimir as a basis for a future cultivator.
And finally began the most interesting — fabrication, adjustment, fitting of parts. The fact it was not simple, and Volodya picked up a helper — the same as he, the boy, and the itchy desire to work hands — Victor Togusa.
Here is the first test “check-out” field is on school property. Needless to say how worried you guys! Can I use the car as provided constructors, no? But the alarm proved groundless. It went! Sharpened, glittering legs with a dull crunch was stuck in the ground, twisting the tangled roots of the weeds, raked the soil. Numerous spectators and helpers, the close half-circle around the makeshift Assembly elections. I. I was happy — my boys survived your first exam.
However, after enthusiasm came a slight disappointment: a well-working car it was still very tiring to push through the field. But there is a silver lining — it gave me an excuse to tell the guys about the theory of the soil, its resistance depending on the shape, design and angle of the knife sharpener. The lesson was not in vain: after the hand cultivator has significantly improved. Working with him was possible even for the fifth graders.
The success inspired the guys, and their second work — single-row seeder was performed significantly faster and better. Not behind Volodya and Victor and other young designers — the arrival of spring in our school waited almost a full set of improvised tillage mechanisms. “We will cultivate a school site your new technique!” — decided to guys. And I must say that our school field is not small — about two acres. Spring field work has become a kind of creative report of vorovtsev. On the first visit our micro-MTS gathered the students, parents, teachers. And cars did not disappoint!
For success in designing small farm equipment Volodya Wuhan was approved as the participant of VDNH USSR. Needless to say, how sorry we are, when he finished eighth grade, moved to another city to continue my studies in College. However, by that time in the circle declared itself the second Ukhanov — middle brother George.
Whether the example of the man, whether guided by their own aspirations (and most likely played the role of both), the Jura, as they say, with his head broke into vorovskoy work, also undertook the design of small agricultural machinery. Together with other it members in a relatively short time designed and manufactured on the basis of children’s bikes and scooters several cultivators, rippers kolkovich and other microaggregates.
But soon such self-propelled equipment ceased to satisfy vorovtsev. Naturally the boys were grown, and they wanted to try their hand at more complicated and serious matter. Therefore, when at a meeting of the technical Council of the VOIR of our school Jura Wuhan proposed to build a wheeled tractor, which could work even students of Junior classes, all enthusiastically supported it. First and foremost, our Chairman of the technical Council Alec chermit. Him and Yure was commissioned to design the layout of the tractor-baby.
Soon in the workshop had the frame of the tractor. Gradually, she began to acquire parts when it appeared the wheels, hood, took his place…
And when the “Ants” (so called guys your tractor) was built and Alex on the first day of spring brought’ him to the school yard, classes interrupted by the second shift. Guys with admiration and envy watched as Alex and Yotam he wrote spirited “eight”.
The tractor was soon sent to the USSR national economy. In the same year, its creators were awarded the diplomas and medals of the USSR. Together with Yura and Alik awards were given to 22 voronca our school.
Summer for the Jura group was very responsible. He was entrusted with the management of student production crew. Labor achievements of the students was so impressive that the young foreman presented to the government award — medal “For labour distinction”.
Well, where’s Bob is the youngest of Oganovich? Today he’s in the circle next to the Jura. The best assistant of our “tractor” and wish not necessary. Quite a sight and characteristic gesture, like Basil, just an experienced nurse, the surgeon, puts into the hand of the brother the right tool. or part. And if you trusted him to do something for the tractor with his own hands, Basil was not a happier man in the world.
That’s the whole story. It was conceived as a story about the brothers Oganovich, and had to tell you about our school and about the guys-fairouzeh and their works. However, all natural: the success of the brothers Oganovich in school, work and creativity is a shared success, shared achievements.
Every year to replace them from the school boys come new, such as Bob, who (I, for example, no doubt) will soon take the place of older brothers, and they are brought up on the traditions established in the school organization of VOIR.
N. OBREJA, teacher Severskaya school # 44, Krasnodar Krai

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