THE FIFTEENTH MODEL...All-wheel drive all-terrain vehicle on low-pressure tires built five years ago. This model seems to be the fifteenth, but do not remember exactly. The drivetrain and suspension of the car – “Niva”. Frame windscreen and roof from “Zaporozhets”, the rest of the body is made of aluminium sheet. Tires wheels – “Krakowskie” (size 1300x530x500), “ragged” left four layers, but with the grouser type “tree”. Disks – “volgovskoe” at 14 inches, are welded thereto truncated cone of 2 mm steel sheet, and this construction is inserted into the rim of the 1.2-mm sheet. Wheel (which is more commonly called a disk) with a mass of 20 kg is hollow and sealed itself holds water. Along with tire and wheel camera weighs 55 kg. the speed of the Rover in first gear low of -2.5 km/h, at the fourth high – 60 km/h.
V. TARDINO, Sovetskiy, Khanty-Ugra

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