ENGRAVING MACHINEEngraving machine is designed for deep drawing of inscriptions and drawings on metal or plastic. In the machine used flexible shaft with collet BorderStyle from the medical drill. The drive from the electric motor KD-30 UCH power of 60 watts (electric typewriter). The rotation of the motor shaft at a speed of 2700 rpm allows you to do without a reducer.

The frame is made of textolite plate with a thickness of 20 mm. it would be Possible to take a sheet and thinner, but in this case the weight of the frame gives the machine a stable position. Glued the bottom strip of cellular rubber (cushion) dampen vibration.
The motor is rigidly mounted to the plate by screws, for this purpose the motor housing is made threaded holes.
The cable of the flexible shaft is connected to the engine through a steel sleeve which tightly onto his shaft and xed with a screw. At the other end of the coupling is screwed until the tip of the cable of the flexible shaft, and the tip of the shell through the grommet attached to the bracket frame.
In the manufacture of the bracket you need to have a right angle between the shelves to ensure the shaft alignment of the motor and the cable. Their alignment is also achieved thanks to the mounting bracket on the frame in oval slots which allow for adjustment horizontally, and strips of foil under his heel —to adjust vertically.
Engraving machine
Engraving machine (looking down from the top cover conventionally not shown):
1 — frame 2 — cover 3 — mounting clamp capacitor, 4 — motor, CD-30 UCH, 5 — handle, 6 coupler connector, 7 — switch, 8 — bushing bracket, 9 — tip sheath of the flexible shaft, 10 — the tip of the cable, 11 — bracket frame, 12 — area of attachment of the casing 13 is screw M5 bracket, 14 — cushion frame (rubber), 15 — BorderStyle medical, 16 — M5 screw mounting motor, 17 —electrical cable supply 18 — bracket mounting cable, 19 — plug power supply.
The scheme of inclusion of the electric motor

Circuit of the motor.
The casing is machine riveted sheet aluminium with a thickness of 2 mm; it is attached to the frame with screws. In the upper part is a furniture handle and the switch; in the front there is a cutout for the flexible shaft, and rear vents.
Power to the motor of the machine is carried out from a household outlet with 220 V voltage through the capacitor 4 µf. The wires under the hood passed through a vinyl chloride pipe and fixed brackets.
The machine use for a long time and very happy with them.


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