ONE INSTEAD OF FOURLong write “modelist-Konstruktor” and many find it useful, especially in the section “Club home of the masters”. On the advice of the journal made many things for the house and garage.
But I don’t just use other people’s ideas. Himself design. There is, for example, I have a homemade planer with interchangeable glands, which, I think, could be useful to the house master. The tool is easy to manufacture, and they can perform several operations: planing, to remove the chamfer, to select quarters and, significantly, to choose the grooves of different widths and at different distances from the edge.
Block plane — from wood of firm breeds. It cut notches, seat the bearing plate, a trough under the screw head-lock, and front and rear steps with grooves for bolts fastening strap-limiter.
To strip the six screws attached to the sidewall of plywood thickness of 5 mm. Its application dramatically simplifies the technology of manufacture — year-olds you can not hollow out a chisel and cut with a hacksaw.
A piece of iron with a cutting edge, designed for a particular operation, first connects the M3 screw with a square head adjusting screw is then inserted in the notches (under additional end-to-end M4 screw passing through the block and sidewall) and is secured in the cutout of the thrust plate nut-lamb and nut M4. The adjusting screw is set the chip thickness removed in one pass, or the depth of the groove (depending on the shape of the cutting edge).
1 — nut-lamb M4 (3 PCs.), 2 — bolt M4 (3 PCs.), 3 — the screw of fastening of the sidewalls (6 PCs.), 4 — side, 5 — pad, 6 — screw-retainer, 7 — adjusting screw 8 — nut, 9 — screws of fastening of the bearing plate, 10 — bearing plate, 11 — piece of iron (A, B, C — variants of the cutting edge), 12 — plank-limiter, 13 — nut M4, 14 — M4 screw.
The distance from the edge parts where you can select the groove is determined by the strap-limiter: it is fixed with two screws M4 with nuts lambs. And not only distance but also the width of the groove, because due to the permutation strips can, working the same piece of metal, to the desired groove width.
Glands are manufactured from cloth overage metal saw (easel), but they can be made from strips of tool steel.
Its a plane I am happy with: the quality of the surface obtained by machining, is quite satisfactory.
A. Il’in, the village Svessa, sums’ka obl.

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