IN THE FURROW-DISCOUNTMEVACORIn one of the competitions for the creation of small agricultural machinery, announced by the Central Committee of the Dimitrov young Communist League and the newspaper “Guide yourself”, great interest was aroused by the walk-behind disc cultivator. The unit in question, universal. In the figures it is visible, what with the changeable work organs it is equipped with. With this machine you can perform the following operations tillage: plowing (with additional weight hanging from the front, chain and grousers mounted on wheels), milling, ridging, disk processing. Plus the transportation of different loads in the towed truck.

The first three types of work is sufficiently described in popular and professional literature, therefore, is to hold the attention of readers they won’t. Focus only on disk processing.
Self-tillers, of course, could not pull the harrow. It was easier, replacing the wheels on the drives, to force the latter to rotate. Direct does not work; tilted to one side — also, the cultivator was shaken, but not moved; but the wheels are tilted in different directions, gave the unit a steady course.
Working bodies of the cultivator steel standard discs Ø 400 mm from harrow, welded to the pipe Ø 36X30 mm and a length of 220 mm. a Motorcycle engine is provided with a gear of his own design with a simplified chain drive with a ratio of 1 : 5,86.
Ignition from magneto, and the cooling air, with a centrifugal fan. The working bodies are fixed pin, through which is transmitted torque.
Motoblock in the embodiment of the cultivator
Tillers in the embodiment of the cultivator:
1 disc 2 — additional paw cultivator.

Scheme of transmission and installation disks
Scheme of transmission and drive:
1 — power transmission from the engine. 2— the transmission housing 3 — intermediate shaft 4—, the intermediate gear, 5 — way shaft drives.

Motoblock with a set of replacement guns
Walk-behind tractor with a set of interchangeable guns:
1 — the headstock additional weights, 2 — additional weight 3— plow, 4 — Hiller combo, 5 — cultivator discs, 6 — cutter 7 — trailer truck.

Forward movement of the tiller mounting drives at an angle. When running the shaft begins to rotate, the discs are first maximally diverge (relative to soil surface), and a compact is in place. Further rotation of the shaft brings the drives, they crash into the ground, grab it, and tilt, rasmancha, and the cultivator is moved forward some distance. With the constant rotation of the shaft, these two stages are repeated. A strip of untreated soil that remains between the discs, cultivated for more paw cultivator, reinforced back. Maximum grip discs 700 mm, and the depth of plowing depends on the quality of the soil and ranges from 140 to 170 mm.
As a differential for ploughing and transportation of used overrunning clutch, they are very comfortable and are completely silent.

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