TWO PROBLEMS OF ELECTROPLATEAFor cooling microelectrodes rotating propeller for flying model aircraft, usually set just before small anchor impeller. It blows air through the casing of the motor. The most intensively blown by the front part of the winding and a set of anchors.
Without the forced cooling can not do high — load engine running “on percale”. However, you can greatly increase the amount of cooling by moving the impeller for the anchor. And if also to cut the drive fans on the number of sectors corresponding to the number of collector plates, and NAPAT “petals” directly on the slats, the heat will be able to take from the most thermally stressed parts. For enhanced heat transfer “rotary cooler” elements are cut from copper or brass foil with a thickness of 0.15—0.2 mm.
While far from perfect propellers for electrics. And after all this is done and how closely matched this part are largely based on the main characteristics of the microplane.
Propeller for model elektroleta and improved design of the armature of the motor.
The propeller for the model elektroleta and improved design of an anchor of the electric motor:
1 — blade, 2 — hub-Kok, 3 — tubular plastic insert, 4 — classic the fan impeller is installed on the inlet of the cooling air 5 — anchor motor, 6 — sector element of a new impeller-heat sink (plumbing in the slats collector plates), 7 — collector Assembly.
To a large extent, important properties such as a propeller, as strength and minimum weight. Meets all the requirements of the air screw blades, patterns which are cut from aluminum foil with a thickness of 0.15 mm. Giving Komleva sections of tubular cross-section, you get the best elements of the propeller. At the ends of the blade will be favorable to bend the profile, with a growing butt to the curve. The transition on the butt in circular cross section does not decrease the efficiency of propulsion, as are zones practically do not participate in creating the thrust.
The hub-spinner for this propeller is easiest to cut from lightweight packing foam. The outside of the billet is covered with a thin layer of epoxy putty and vyshkurivaetsya. The markup in minakuchi pressed through a hole and stuck the finished blade. Axis is fixed with glue on a PVC tube, which allows to ensure a tight fit of the screw onto the motor shaft. An invaluable advantage of this propeller is the ability to pick up the pitch, bending their blades. The weight of the ready node 2-2,5 g.

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