POLISH, POLISHUK-4: NEW POSSIBILITIES. I already told on the pages of “M-K” about his upgrades convenient desktop stanochek UK-4 “Skillful hands”. Today I want to share another device to it, allowing for sanding and polishing flat parts and, if necessary, to obtain from them a thin plate and even veneer. I use it for more than three years and are very happy. Recently I have improved a little, and now it is possible to grind the plate thickness of from 0.3 to 10 mm with a precision up to 0.05 mm.

The grinding attachment consists of a drum under the sandpaper, tilt the table for sanding the workpiece and the node adjusting its tilt and thickness of cut layer of material.

Sandpaper wraps around the drum and is fastened to the strap with screws M5 inserted into the groove wpoty. It is desirable to have two such drum — a large and fine sandpaper for rough and finish machining of wood. The drum is machined from beech or birch. It has an axial hole for motor shaft, bearing and fasteners and a longitudinal groove under the bar, which is made of hard wood such as hornbeam.
The table can be sawn from a sheet of textolite, getinaks, viniplast, at least — plywood with a thickness of 8-10 mm. At the base of the machine it is installed on the card or the piano hinge. On the other side to it is attached a cover plate with screw for angle adjustment. Screw is included in the ring nut mounted on the base of the machine using the bracket, obrannou of two parts. On the side surface of the nut 30 are applied with a thread file grooves, and the upper plane 10: it is the control for adjusting the angle of the table.
Grinding machine
Grinding machine:
1 — UK-4, 2 — drum, 3 — table, 4 — pin, 5 — panel, 6 — upper corner of the bracket, 7 — nut 8 — lower corner of the bracket 9 lifting screw, 10 — mesh, 11 — bracket, 12 — sandpaper.

Grinding plate fit on a table and evenly, without interruption is fed under the drum. Sanding softwood is not recommended, as the skin quickly becomes clogged with resin with wood Palio. For suction of dust during operation, the drum must be covered with a transparent cover (Plexiglas) and connect the vacuum and it was under the engine cover, holes the latest best tape.
B. stop V. hlupin, Rostov-on-don

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