MILLED ON THE LATHE...In the production of parts in various circles of technical creativity there is often a need for end and face milling. In this case, will not always be able to help out and table horizontal milling machines.
But such operations, if we apply our proposed device, you can use an ordinary screw-cutting lathe model TV-4. It is very simple in design, and at the same time, its application significantly extends the functionality of the machine.
The main detail of the fixture — bracket mounted on the longitudinal support of the machine is removed the carriage. The last (POS. 2 in figure 1) is positioned vertically, which is secured by two bolts to the front wall of the holder; the tool holder when it is removed. Faceplate 3 with the 4 clamps included with the machine TV-4 is fixed on the axis of the fixing of the tool holder with the nut. The workpiece is clamped by the clamps as usual.
Fig. 1. Tooling to the lathe TV-4 for work cutters.
Fig. 1. Tooling to the lathe TV-4 for work cutters:
1 — bracket, 2 — slide caliper, 3 — faceplate, 4 — sticking the faceplate, 5 — spindle, 6 — workpiece, 7 — tablet-assodigitale, 8 — bracket with a tracking pointer. On the side view of the parts 7 and 8 conventionally not shown.
The bracket is welded from sheet steel of thickness of 6-8 mm and is attached to the caliper with two screws and nuts M8 through hole Ø 8.5 mm at the base. Alignment is a special threaded washer.
Fig. 2. Bracket.
Fig. 2. Bracket:
1 — front wall 2 — side wall (2 PCs.), 3 — base, 4 — screw washer.
Mill (or end limit) can be set either directly in the tapered hole of the spindle, or in trehserijnogo self-centering Chuck lathe, although you can use the drill chucks. It should be noted that a regular shield in the process, completely covers the cutting area.
To facilitate control over the movement of the cutter, the set of devices included tablet assodigitale and tracking orders; their device is clear from the figure.
Using a snap on the lathe TV-4, you can perform the following operations: face milling, selection of slots and grooves (including shapes), machining of parts for the contour. By moving the saddle and the carriage in three dimensions, also rotation of the bracket in a horizontal plane, and a carriage in the vertical, it is possible to make processing of all surfaces.
This device is successfully applied in workshops with the Department of labor training Chernihiv pedagogical Institute.

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