SPEED - FRETSAWExisting jigsaw has a number of disadvantages. Minor fluctuations in the amplitude of the nail (5 mm) does not allow to increase the speed of cutting both thin and thick plywood. Machine heats up quickly and breaks down. How to increase the amplitude of its oscillations? Indeed, in this case, the cutting speed is the magnitude of the advancing nail the plywood in one pass. The exit is found.

This should be purchased in the shop “auto Parts” windshield wiper motor. It is powered by a battery voltage of 12 and 6 In that allows you to have two speeds: for cutting both thin and thick plywood, and foam. A fret saw with this motor is safe to use in school workshops, through a rectifier, and in the woods and on the beach — from the car. To make the frame of the jigsaw first of all you need metal corner 20X20 mm. the Frame comprises a lower frame size of 400X200 mm and the same upper connected with rivets uprights with a length of 200 mm. To the frame attached made of sheet metal or PCB front wall with a size of 200X200 mm, two side walls of the same size and the rear size 400X200 mm. On the front side are the connector for connecting the cord, pilot light and switch. On top of the frame is fixed on the tabletop. It sets guides are made of aluminum rod Ø 20 mm, and the emphasis for cutting thin strips, or foam. At the end of the table has a slot length of 80 mm and a width of 10 mm for the passage of jigsaw. At the bottom of the frame on the four M6 screws to a metal plate (for stability of the jigsaw). Thereto by plates fastened to the gear motor. Greater speed gives 60 movement of the jig saw in a minute that complies with the rhythm of the human hand, and small — half.


The design of the jigsaw.

The design of the jigsaw:

1 — frame, 2 — side wall 3 — top, 4 — adjustment of the stop, 5 — stop, 6 — frame, jig saw, 7 — directing, 8 — pusher, 9 — electric motor; 10 — front side, 11 — clip 12 — base plate, 13 is a small pull, 14 — connecting rod, 15 — steel plate.

The amplitude of fret depends on the length of small thrust. Here it is 30 mm; then, from the bottom dead point to the upper jig is moved by 60 mm, almost the entire length of the file, as expected if any sawing with a hacksaw (so the teeth wear evenly throughout its length and cooled). The drive of the jigsaw, through the connecting rod on the bracket and the pushrod. The bracket is attached to the pusher nut M5. On the pushrods, there are two holes with M4 thread, and the frame of the jig, respectively, drilled four holes with a diameter of 4 mm, at the top of the frame one of them (near the blade) are made of oval — for the convenience of the tension of the nail file.


The second pusher and the guide is installed for protection of jigsaw from lateral movement. The front wall shorter than the rear half, there is a niche for anchoring the nail in the bottom end of the jig saw under the table. How to install the files: release the wing nuts on the frame of the jigsaw and for the upper pusher; pin nail file at the bottom, compress the frame and tighten the upper nut on the jig saw and the pusher. Jigsaws easy to manufacture, reliable in operation and can be manufactured in any home workshop.


V. VASILENKO, Zaporozhye

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