UNIVERSAL STOPSTry to cut multiple identical workpieces on a lathe. How many times have to use a caliper! But if you make for his Studio, universal focus, the workpiece will turn out one in one — and without the frequent use of any measuring tool. Arranged focus just. In the tool post of the lathe near the cutter secured using a steel strap with a screw hole, in which is wrapped a screw. He will serve as a measuring stop is enough to set it to the desired size and fix it with the locknut. Now, to cut the workpiece of a given size, the rod from the holder just forward of the machine until it stops at the bolt head.

To reconfigure, the emphasis on the detail of a different size is easy, you just loosen the lock nut and rotating the bolt to move the head focusing on a different size.
Though such simple adjustments, but it takes time. And if you make a few stops? And besides, to place them on the drum, such revolving! Thus appeared in universal workshop focus: to set it on the workpiece of a different size, simply rotate the drum. If necessary, as in the simple way, the device can be reconfigured at any intermediate size.

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