ONCE - BUNKAs the mail “Club home of the masters” children’s bunk beds are a permanent interest among the readers of “M-K”. This topic is particularly relevant in recent time when many are simply unable to acquire this furniture in the store. And how I want to make the children happy and to provide good conditions for sleeping and a place for games to release…

The variant of construction for equipment of children’s room offers Hungarian magazine “Earmaster”. Besides the fact that sleeping place in it are in different levels, they are still deployed relative to each other by 90°. This solution allows to organize a kind of an open closet; this space can be used as a small sports area.
Bunk bed
The bunk bed:
1 — supporting sidewall of the upper tier (Board 25х150х2320 mm, 2 PCs.), 2 — cross member of the frame of the upper tier (Board 25х150х1000 mm, 2 pieces), 3 — longitudinal frame element of the lower level (Board 25х150х1900 mm, 2 PCs.), 4 — front frame element of the lower level (Board 25х150х1050 mm), 5 — piece rear frame element of the lower level (Board 25х150х1450 mm), 6 — foot (Board 25х150х400 mm, 2 pieces), 7 — stand (timber 50х75х1775 mm, 4 PCs.) 8 — cutting (timber 50х75х1500 mm), 9 — cement screed horizontal (timber 50х75х1200 mm), 10 — tie slant side (timber 50х75х1700 mm), 11 — screed sloping rear (timber 50х75х1800 mm), 12 — element fence (timber 50х75х1150 mm), 13 — element fence (timber 50х75х500 mm, 2 pieces), 14 — element fence (timber 50х75х1050 mm), 15 — front fence (timber Ø 25х240 mm, 18 PCs ), 16 — rung ladders (timber Ø 30×400 mm 5 PCs), 17 — a support bar of the frame of the upper tier (20х70х1900 mm, 5 PCs.), 18 — bar (round Ø 30х1050 mm), 19 — support bar of the frame of the lower layer (20х70х1000 mm, 8 PCs.), 20 — bench (DSP 20х1000х1900 mm, 2 PCs.), 21 — a mattress (1000х1900 mm, 2 pieces), 22 — rail mounting (20х20х1900 mm, 2 PCs.).

Any special tricks for making the bed is not required. It is enough to procure the design elements in accordance with the drawings and then assemble them together using carpenter’s glue, screws and a set of bolts and nuts. Don’t forget about the finish — she needs to be dressy and, as they say, pleasing to the eye.
According to the magazine “Earmaster(Hungary)

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