AND OFFICE AND BEDROOMFurniture designed for small apartments or Studio sections, special requirements: along with the maximum capacity and minimum size (because in a small room, every square inch counts) it should be possible and multifunctional. Of course, this can be achieved and by preparing a set of separate cabinets, tables, shelves, mezzanines and other items purchased in the store. But then it would have to pre-spend a lot of time looking for the appropriate size elements. In addition, they will differ from each other in style and finish.
The problem can be solved, if we take the manufacture of furniture. In this case, it all depends on the skills, capabilities and imagination of home in the wizard.
Today we acquaint readers with the design of a universal panel for living room, made by doctor A. Doroshenko from the city of Gaisin Vinnitsa region.
It’s a simple wall structure that combines the best of wardrobes and bookcases, bed, capacity for storage of linen, clothes, shoes, dishes, books, etc. in addition, the front panel of the folding bed has a fold-down Desk door wardrobe — mirror. In other words, one wall replace the whole set.
Thanks to their compactness, all of it is along the long wall, not taking up much space. Dimensions design 2496X1950X400 mm. In the big room, the wall can serve as a partition, dividing the room into different functional areas. In this case, it is necessary to decorate the facade and the second wall, such as plaster, washable Wallpaper or self-adhesive film (however, to choose the right finish should be in accordance with the General interior solution).
For the manufacture of the main volume of the walls is better to use furniture as they do not require additional finishing; but if not, then suitable and conventional chipboard thickness of 16 mm. In their design, you can use veneer, plastic, self-adhesive film, cloth or the artificial leather. In the present embodiment, the external surface covered with veneer, and all interior — washable Wallpaper.
Universal furniture.
Universal furniture:
1 back wall, 2 — support bars production branches, 3 — door, 4 — soft padding of the rear wall of the bed compartment, 5 — shelf support bars under bed storage compartment, 6 — side panel 7 — drawer, 8 — shelf bed office, 9 — folding bed legs, the 10 — folding bed with integrated table, 11, 12 — drawers for linen, 13 — door wardrobe with mirror, 14 — sliding glass, 15 shelves, 16 cover, 17 — plate with support bars, 18 — partition, 19 — Cabinet floor.
First collect the main frame. Mount it in the horizontal position, face down — it is easier to connect the horizontal elements with the vertical; after completion of installation without turning the entire structure, install the rear wall.
Further Assembly can be performed in a vertical position, as the main (carrier) the frame is ready. Upper compartment designed to store books, dishes, small items, equipped with set of shelves and partitions fixed to the supporting elements on the screws. A number of the quantity received be equipped with doors or sliding (on rails) glass. Inside the wardrobe, in its upper part, fix the rod for hangers and hooks for clothes. To the right side wall is attached the door with the mirror — it can be located with external and internal parties. All hinged door wall hung on piano hinges.
The ground part of the structure is equipped with drawers of two types: four are placed in a row with dimensions of front panels 475X180 mm, and two above each other with the size — 500X296 mm. Each is assembled from chipboard panels and three boards in the thickness of 10-15 mm. For the bottom suitable hardboard or plywood.
The most difficult part is the folding bed. Its peculiarity is that when it is in retracted position, EV bottom panel leans to the Desk and lowered feet. Since the bottom of the bed is also the front plane of the furniture and features cut-outs, it cannot carry the main burden of the weight of the person lying. Therefore, the reason for a box spring is a grid of bars section 40X20 mm. at Their ends, each strap connected with tsargami on a wooden push-pins. To carham on both sides of the backrest are attached, one must be somewhat higher. This is done to create emphasis pillow.
Folding bed.
Folding bed (spring mattress is not shown):
1 — drawer side, 2 — back, 3 — cross bars, 4 telescopic brackets folding table, 5 — mortise locks, 6 belt limiter, folding legs, 7 — folding legs, 8 — folding table, 9 — rojalnye loops.
Cut the tabletop and support legs are fixed to the facade panel with hinges. Then the bottom of the bed on the screws fixed to the assembled base. The screw heads should be sunk so they do not interfere with subsequent finishing. Table equipped with telescopic or other brackets, which serve as the guides opening. At the top of the countertop provides mortise locks, their tongues move to the side, not allowing the table to lean back in the unfolded position of the bed. Feet also have limiters, but more simple design — it is possible, for example, to use a cut leather belt.
Ready bed is mounted on piano hinges to the front of the bed shelf compartment, offset from the edge at 16 mm. Clamps in a raised position are two mortise lock.
Upon completion of the construction of the main volume, proceed to decorating. All exterior panels glue veneer using carpentry, casein glue or PVA. To glue the veneer should be from the bottom up to avoid air bubbles. The inner surface of the walls and drawers glue washable paper or synthetic paper.
After that, all the product several times varnished. It is better to use parquet lacquer as it gives a durable coating, but it is possible and SC-216. Additional decoration will serve the old tape. Sliced strips from her record “Phoenix” (or any other nitrocream) according to the planned lines. Then the entire structure is again coated with lacquer.
A. DOROSHENKO, g. Gaysin, Vinnitsa region

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