STEEP TURNSThe competition, held in Prague in 1983, General attention was attracted by two unusual the box. Despite the fact that over micromachines was just a few days before the official starts, they showed excellent performance, high reliability and ease of use. Defined success primarily to the use of a new chassis developed by Czechoslovak athletes Gaseou P. and W. Zamecnicka. On road performance it is not only not inferior to the best signature models, but on a number of parameters exceeds them.
The design of the chassis combined. The bottom and top boards cut from two-millimeter of the PCB, the front axle is milled from duralumin, a back — of nylon, levers, wheels, and the entire differential housing made of duralumin.
The design of the chassis RC car
The design of the chassis RC car
The design of the chassis RC car
The design of the chassis of the RC car:
1 — rear rack, 2 — engine, 3 — servo brake control and the gas engine, 4 — top Board chassis, 5 — servo steering, 6 — bottom plate chassis, 7 — axis automatic, 8 — front spoiler, 9 — torsion axle front, 10 — front control arm, 11 — unit shock absorber with spring 12 — front axle, 13 — breaker tie machines from overload, a 14 — silencer 15 — battery, 16 — fuel tank, 17 — swinging trapeze rear suspension (arm), 18 — torsion rear axle, brake device 19, 20 is a differential of 21 clutch, 22 — receiver equipment radio control, 23 — knuckles peredney wheel, 24 — nodes of the shock absorber with coil springs.
The device of the front axle is very simple. Each wheel is mounted on a swinging lever-arm pivotally suspended near the axis of the model PI. Their cushioning provides a combination of shock absorbers with coil springs. Themselves shock-absorbers are mounted at a very slight angle, almost horizontally, and rely on the nylon bracket. The front wheels rotate the spacecraft axes d of 6 mm, embedded in a spherical pins on the ends of the levers, turn the steering machine is an apparatus using a mechanism of protection against overloads with two nylon wedge eccentric. Adjustment of the amplifying circuit breaker — by changing the eccentric compressive spring. The details of the mechanism of protection of the machine are mounted on a common axis d of 6 mm.
The top Board of the chassis carries both cars manage fuel tank with spring loaded filling valve and the elastic pins to the hitch receiver of the radio equipment and batteries.
Feature of the new chassis is the unusual location of the power plant. The axis of the crankshaft of the engine a little forward deployed, allowing an intricate diagrams suspension wheels used on the best examples of proprietary models such as “alpha”, “serpent” and “Columbia”. Vikas engine helps to increase the efficiency of transmission and use the engine power fully, without the loss of intermediate nodes. It is also important that appears a possibility of extension of the suspension arms of the rear wheels that benefit the hardness, strength and reliability of the rear seats. Levers, milled from nylon, have a nearly rectangular shape and are mounted on the axes of tempered steel wire of 2.6 mm. d, the torque Transmission is performed via coupling with the two fluorine elements. The springing last — rubber ring worn on the tabs of the flywheel of the engine. The clutch drum is laid on two ball bearings, 6X19 mm, placed in the bearing housing of the host.
Rear and front axle . Powerplant
Rear and front axle . Powerplant
Differential simplest design consists of a set of crown gears. Torque transmission on deviant (suspension) elements using a spherical hexagonal joints. Brake disc, disks machined from the brake pads of this car and impaled on tetrahedral
the section of the shaft of the differential. Brake pads model — steel, hardened. The contact force them to disks can be easily and accurately adjusted depending on the characteristics of the track.
Stresshormone rear, the front made using two combined nodes “spring-shock absorber”. Their outer ends spiritsa on the tabs suspension control arm, inner bracket lower Board chassis. The angle of installation of about 75°. Special grippers placed additional torsion bars, which increases the effectiveness of the suspension lever trapezoids. This technique is used on the suspension of the front wheels. Steak holder tor of Zion serves as both a bracket DPJ install the wing.
The drive wheels are mounted on axles having quadrangular sections and threaded shanks М12Х0.8.
What are the benefits of the new chassis! Comparing it to one of the recognized samples of “alpha”, we can say that Amateur design is in no way inferior to him. Enough to equip a new model of high-quality “tires” to ka track sleep at least keep up on the best brand. As designed the chassis has been reduced by 13 mm track rear wheel, athlete, Manager model for the first time, you need to get used to her high agility. For tracks with many turns is the quality of the chassis can only be considered positive. Cushioning compared to known models of more rigid cushioning much bsie effective. The suspension is easily adjustable over a wide range. Increased stiffness allows safely go without skidding out of the turns when you see a “sharp” turns skid he perfectly controlled, which is not with the model of “alpha” with a soft suspension.
Prize-winning places at competitions of the high rank occupied by Czechoslovak athletes, allow an indirect comparison of the new chassis with the factory. And it’s homemade. Naturally, the work on design will continue, modelers are going to spend “course cookies” chassis from “obesity” — now it weighs 2.65 kg, a lot needs to change and in the device of separate units.

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