HAND MIXERPrepared grout needs constant stirring, otherwise it quickly hardens. But easy to say, but difficult to do; to perform this work manually is extremely tedious — it is hard to lift the shovel with the solution. How to try to consume energy more rationally? So there was in my household is a labor-saving device.

Design hand-mixer is extremely simple: four boards (solid wood) bonded T-shaped bolts and are connected to each other by a bottom sheet of tin with a thickness of 1,5 mm. at the Top of the stands made the cutouts for the rod-tube with a diameter of 30 mm. For the last hooks attached to two chains with a length of 800 mm which, in turn, ends with loops for cuttings of conventional shovels. The hooks and loops of twisted 6 mm wire, and the latter have no less than three turns (so as not to spoil the stalk) and are fixed with one thick nail.

Work best together, from opposite sides, simultaneously stirring the solution and moving from one side to the other. But one can and alternately on both sides. The chain, whose length is adjustable by hook creates additional support. Due to the effect of arm to wield a spade is much easier: you just need to click on the handle and tilting the solution.

A device for mixing of cement mortar
The device for mixing of cement mortar:
1 — front (2 PCs) 2 — M8 screws (8 PCs.), 3 — side panel (2 PCs), 4 — bottom, 5 — shovel (2 pieces), 6 — rod (tube) 7 — hook (2 pieces), 8 — chain (2 PCs), 9 loop (2 PCs), 10 — 3×40 nails.

Below the plate is less deformed under the weight of the solution, the bottom is desirable to deepen into the ground or put under the edges of some bricks or boards.
And last: in the inverted view of my mixer is a canopy for building materials.
Krasnodar Krai

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