BEAUTIFUL KNIFE AND A CHISELHobby wooden sculpture came to me in the middle years, and all of a sudden. Somehow, being in business trip in the city of Saransk (Mordovia), on the advice of local colleagues, visited the local Museum of sculptor Stepan Erzya (Nefedov). And was just amazed at his works, especially the two-meter sculpture of the head of the biblical prophet Moses, created from a range of South American quebracho wood, with minimal revision. After that, I have, as they say, itch hands…

When one of the handyman asked if he knows how to play the piano, came the reply: “never tried — might be able”.
So here I am. Picked up the tool that was at hand, and with a desire to carve a sculpture and confidence that I will succeed. Happened. Of course, it’s not like Erzya, but the image of Moses in my miniature know who’s ever seen a sculpture even in the picture.
Of course, the miniature that I sculpted, not created, as an artist, because I even can’t draw. Education and specialnosti I am a mechanical engineer and fully mastered the language of technology — drawing. And sculpture did the same thing as, say, a mechanic manufactured parts or Modeler — model using the markup of a sample of material from a workpiece by cutting tools and control the size.
The main special tool Carver
The main special tool Carver:
a — flat chisel (width from 2 to 25 mm); b — knife-jamb (width 10, 15, 22 mm); in — kljukarzy (with a radius of curvature of the cutting from 4 to 24 mm; with a large radius of the cutting part is wider than the blade); g — chisel with a shaped cutting parts (corners, punch, half-round)

Positive feedback from friends and acquaintances about my first sample of the “pen” — or rather, a pen knife and a chisel, gave me the vultures and confidence, and I continued to experiment in his new hobby.
The tools initially used a standard (purchased) in a small assortment of chisels and kljukarzy, a knife-jamb. But eventually did and their various configurations and sizes of the cutting portion, and the handle of the instruments was customized for my hand.
Improvised tools are often manufactured of standard, pre subjecting them to annealing, and after making re — hardening.
As shown, a sufficient variety of the instrument facilitates and accelerates the process of creating sculptures, improves the surface quality. Beginner carvers will bring a list of the main cutting tools that I most often work. Knives with the length of the fabric 40, 60 mm. the Shoals with a carriageway width of 10, 15, 22 mm. Chisel with the width of the fabric 2, 5, 12, 18, 25 mm. Semicircular chisels and kljukarzy (chisels with a knee-shaped bend of the rod) with a radius of the cutting parts 4, 8, 12, 16, 24 mm. shaped chisels with angles 30°, 50°, 90° and others. To obtain the contour of workpieces using conventional carpentry-carpentry tools — saw, axe, plane.
Material (wood) in the early works used in fact the most common available: birch, Linden, ash. But its preparation — the drying process has paid particular attention: first, was kept many days in the shade on the air, and then a long time in a dry place — so that the workpiece is not cracked. Later some work was done in oak and even mahogany. Initially, he made small copies or interpretations of well-known sculptures by famous artists. But then decided and embodied in the tree of his designs.
“Moses” (height 360 mm, birch toned)
“Eternal spring” (height 420 mm, birch)
“Esmeralda and Quasimodo” (height 450 mm, lip wax coated)

“The horse of the shrew” (height 420 mm, lime tinted)
“The family of a ballerina” (height 420 mm, ASP)
“Flora” (height 250 mm, lime)

“Tailor” (height 400 mm. birch toned)

“Vasily Terkin” (height 620 mm, mahogany)
“Shy” (height 420 mm, birch)
“Judith” (height 420 mm, mahogany)
“The water carrier” (height 320 mm, mahogany)
Performed experiments with decorative trim their thumbnails. But before finishing, the surface of each product were carefully cleaned with sandpaper: first average grain size, in the end, small, and in the processing of soft wood, even waste, without beans. Polished the surface to which the appearance of matte Shine.
Some shapes simply covered with wax or varnish other before the first coating was decorated with stain water-based; there were those that painted a different paint, like in the picture.
I knew that, without special art education, it is very difficult to grow, to achieve mastery. Then I turned to the head of the collective Society of the carvers of the city of Moscow with the request to accept me in their ranks. After reviewing my work, the staff gave consent. And for over two decades I have been a member, drawing from the experience of others and sharing their skills and knowledge in your favorite hobby. The team often participates in exhibitions and shows of art, as a rule, becoming a laureate or diploma holder.
I think this has some merit, as the work, where the author of act I, they also repeatedly noted by diplomas.

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