BED-TRAVELERMany use the sofa-“book”, which is a simple movement converts into a bed for two. There was such a we — Krasnodar production; he had for many years. He has a lot of advantages: good quality, reasonable flow line, modest, utilitarian, a special coziness. Day it can be used as the bench instead of extra chairs to move up, when necessary, to the table; to accommodate the entire family in front of TV or lie down in solitude, stretched out at full length. In General, do not count all amenities and the circumstances of its use — thanks to those who developed it.

And recently, this sofa was decided to convert two compact lightweight beds on the occasion of the arrival of children. I’ve got two that differ only in the location of the fence panel with a height of 11 cm, holding the mattress: same bed, she on the left side, another from the right. One is enough, so the other side of the bed rests against the wall. Don’t need a second panel in the case when beds convertible to double option: then the fence be on both free sides.
Version of this stove has, in my opinion, good, I wanted to share it with others. Moreover, it is possible to manufacture the principal elements so that the bed can become a “traveler”: convenient for transportation, for example, to the country thanks to the collapsible design. This is not necessarily to be the sofa: it just served as a starting point for creating a design. Offer drawings for the execution of such beds in accordance with the given dimensions.
1 — head panel (chipboard, 600×550, s16); 2 — cross frame (a wooden beam 60×35, L515, 2), 3 — a longitudinal part of the frame (wooden beam 60×35, L1900,2); 4 — pole shield (Board, 60×15, L54,2); 5 — panel fencing (Board 110×15, L1900), 6 — bolt flange (M12, L80,4-piece); 7 — foot panel (chipboard, 600×450, s16); 8 — leg (bar 128x95x40,4 PCs.)

The main elements of the couches — podmatrasnye frame of wooden bars with a wooden cross in the middle; attached thereto longitudinal fence panel mattress (with one hand), the end panels of thick plywood or particle Board (head and foot mounted on the bolts) and four support legs thereto to be recorded without special mounting due to just slit grooves to the thickness of the panels.
When the base of the bed (see picture). ready, you can start making podmatrasnye shield. He rallies from well-planed boards section 100×15 mm in three transverse the cross-bar 60×15 mm, with countersunk head screws. Length of the bars is selected so that they fit on the frame of the bed, securely holding the shield against lateral displacement.
Podmatrasnye shield
Podmatrasnye shield:
1 — canvas Board (Board s15, L1895, number — in-place); 2 — connector Board (Board 60×15, L514, 3 PCs)

For any bed important factor is durability. Here it is not only appropriate, but the degree of their padovanoti to each other. And the rest of the furniture in the bed room should match the color of the finish. If the atmosphere is decorated in dark brown tones, visible parts of the bed can be treated water stain (color-tinted) until the desired shade (for example, by repeated coating with intermediate drying). After achievement of the corresponding hue (color saturation) parts are covered with furniture Polish (e.g., NC-218).
For the transported version of the elements of the bed frame, end panels and legs are detachable, and podmatrasnye shield — “split”: two halves, with the appropriate addition of transverse bars. Options plug-in connections of parts selected by the structure itself, proceeding from its capabilities and available support items (e.g., furniture bolts and screws, wing nuts, etc.).
N. KUTIGI, Lazarevskoye, Krasnodar Krai

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