THE BREAD BINOld but wise proverb says: “Bread is a head”. Here are only stocking it in store is hopeless. So very quickly it hardens and dries, and then becomes moldy and unfit for consumption. And as you know, especially the delicious fresh bread. But people still have not found a way its long-term storage without loss of taste—except that rusk. But the last mistress use rather of despair.


However, to not bake (or buy) bread often (if not daily), in the people to increase the duration of the fresh state of the bread managed: who has wrapped the loaves in clean towels, and who was locked up in a dark wooden chest. The last idea eventually adopted and industry—began to produce desktop or wall-mounted bins: wooden or steel surrogate. Wanted to have you and our family. That’s only to acquire it all had failed: though such was absent, that the money was needed in a time when you could buy something else.
Then decided to make the bread yourself, to become skilled in woodworking and also save. Besides it was fun.
As” material for the bins used planks hardwood wood from packing boxes, thrown out from the grocery store. The boxes are carefully dismantled, a lot of boards laid stabilcem the battery. After about a week of drying with a hand plane precisely adjusted the edges of the boards to each other and smeared them with PVA glue, rallied three or four pieces in small shields. Lot of boards in boards pulled the cord, and the boards laid on a flat table on top of each other and pressed by a stack of heavy books.
Table bread
Table bread:
1—rear wall (glued to the boards s10, 2); 2—bearing (curved bar 10×10,2); 3—door-shutter; 4—nut (rake 400x30x10); 5—leg-rails (bars 15×10, 2); 6—grid 350×240 (10×10 bar, on demand); 7—the bottom (glued to the boards, s10); 8 — lateral wall (glued to the boards, s10); 9 — a cover (Board s10)

Door-curtain table bins
Door blind Board bins:
1 —nylon fishing line Ø1,5 (2); 2—slat (lath 15×10, L398,20); 3—nail Ø1,2×25 (as required); 4—handle (rake 80x20x10)

The next day (after work) I planed surface of the boards planed and marked out the contours of all parts of the bins, drank their ordinary (child) hand-held jigsaw. At that time we lived in a private apartment. The woman was warned that evicted for noise and debris. To finish the bread the other evenings had secretly and slowly.
Assembled the parts bins in a single structure on the PVA glue and using small nails. After drying glue all joints and surfaces are carefully “sanded”. The curtain-door of the bread box assembled from slats—slats cross-section 15×10 mm in two segments of nylon line. To skip the line in each rail drilled two holes. For mounting the blinds to the breadbox in her cap is also drilled two respective inclined holes by inserting them in the ends of the line firmly tied them together. Then the door attached (with glue and nails) the handle and to the bottom—legs-slider. Still at the bottom inside of the bins mounted grille is made of the same rails as the blind. In conclusion, outside coated the bread with varnish.
The next time the hostess came to us for rent, then saw the finished bread… and asked to do the same at the expense of the future rent.
And our simple bread serves us to this day—for more than twenty years.
A. MATVEICHUK, Zavodoukovsk, Tyumen region.

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