CAMERA-NEEDLEWOMANFor a long time and carefully followed the publications of the magazine, meet a lot of interesting. In No. 7 last year, I was interested in a simple and convenient device for unwinding wool. I want to suggest a way for those who has to do that often. Need a camera from a child’s Bicycle, round warmer, volleyball camera — in short, any inflatable object. Insert it deflated in the expanded coil and inflate so as to form a firm, but soft strut. The camera will take the form of eight. As the winding threads of the spacer will be preloading a coil, and it “bubbles” at the top and bottom will not fall off the loops of yarn. And when rewinding the thread is not twisted, the device is suspended on the swivel, for example, from a dog leash or a fishing lobster clasp.
Vladimir KURAEV, Tomsk

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