CANDLE holder

CANDLESTICKMATERIAL: heavy-gauge wire or metal rod with a diameter of 6 mm, copper thin wire, copper or brass sheet thickness of 3 mm.

TOOLS: tin snips, hacksaw, file, drill and a drill bit Ø 5 mm, sandpaper, a vise, hammer, pliers, brush, meter.
MANUFACTURER. Three pieces of a wire or rod of 160 mm each and one with a length of 150 mm; the small circle Ø 60 mm — that all preparations for this candlestick.
A shorter rod is sharpened like a nail is the Central needle 2. And the other three (item 3) with one end bent in a Vice or on a suitable round object will receive the legs of the candle holder. It remains to drill a hole in circle 1 under Central core-needle 2. All of the ends and the sharp edges of workpieces is necessary to round off with a file and with sandpaper. With the help of pliers the edges of the mug 1 can be made wavy, or raise a low collar to give a saucer-like shape.
. Here even manage to do without welding and brazing, although not excluded, and this method of joining parts — for those who have this opportunity. For the rest of the Assembly recommend to start with the preparation of the Central rod 2: a little below its tip with a wire navathe column-spring — support for the Cup 1.
Then fasten the legs 3 and encircled them with wire, so that between them were tightly sandwiched the Central rod 2. Remains on the last slide the Cup 1 and the candle holder is assembled.
If its parts of non-ferrous metal — can candle holder cover with a colourless varnish; if dark — paint black or any other color enamel.

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