CHAIR-BEDOffer your variant of the design of the armchairs, on the basis of which you can make a new seat or redo is available. In my order was old, from a set of upholstered furniture “Narspi”. Alteration it was. The seat of a chair (Fig.1) at an angle — I had to make it horizontal. Below him to both sides of the seat put two strips 4 which serve as guides for the sliding part of the lounger. To increase the stiffness of the main structure side of the chair connected crossbar 2 and the rear panel 5 (used the existing chair). Connection — with the help of furniture parts and screws. Retractable parts are collected separately.


The main elements


To rework chairs need wooden blocks, three aluminum angle, two metal plates, four ball bearings in the wheels metal or furniture corners.


Armchair length in the unfolded state of 1.75 — 1.8 meters, which is sufficient for an adult.


Chair-bed (Fig.1) consists of the chair, is pulled out under sections 1 and 8 and the stacked pillows. Along the guide groove 4 (sticks 600x40x20 mm on the side of the chair) first put forward the second section 8, then the first pull-out section 1. Both extended frame fit cushion 6. I used the ones that were on the old chair; but they are easy to make especially made of foam and decorative fabric.

Fig. 1. A seat in the


Fig. 1. A seat in the “bed” (A—without cushion, Used with stacked pillows):

1 — the first drawer;

2 — block amplification of the chair;

3 — side panel of the chair;

4 — guide bar;

5 — cross panel;

6 — the pillow (on the chair — a regular downy);

7 — the seat of the chair;

8 — second pull-out section;

9 — furniture area;

10 — slip shield.


Frame the second sliding section (Fig.2) is assembled from two longitudinal bars 1, to which are screwed three of the crossmember 2. Front back 4 used from existing chairs and is connected with the bars 1 with the help of four full-time furniture corner 6. It is attached with the strengthening of the 8 corners of the two wooden lugs 3, which are attached to ball joints-wheel 7. To limit the extension frame to the last crossmember bolted aluminum bracket 5.

The frame of the first pull-out section 8 (Fig. 3) also consists of two longitudinal bars 1 to which is screwed the four upper cross-member 2 and lower (front) cross member 3, which supports the pull-out frame 1. It is attached to two legs 4, which are attached to ball joints-wheel. To prevent excessive pull-out to the last cross member is screwed on the metal plate 6.

As the rails of the frame 1 used two aluminum angle 5, is screwed to longitudinal bars 1.


Education lounger


The figure shows the scheme drawers and a chair-bed in “bed” and “chair.” The cushion of the chair in extended position located above the seat of the chair, so the seat is laid ordinary down pillow.

Fig. 2. Frame first wdisney section


Fig. 2. Frame first wdisney sections:

1 — longitudinal bar (2 PCs.);

2 — strips (3 PCs.);

4 — front panel.

5 — stop extension (metal area);

6,8 — furniture corners;

7—bearing-wheel (2 PCs.).


In figure 1A, the chair-bed in the “bed” without the cushions of the chair. As can be seen from the figure, push the part of the seat is below the seat of the chair. To compensate for the difference in height pull-out frames for them to fit the shields in the daytime are stored separately.


Now some explanations to the design. In figure 2, area 5, as mentioned, serves to prevent excessive pull-out frame. The same is the role of the thrust plate 6 in figure 3.

Front panel 4 figure 2 -chipboard, upholstered furniture fabric. It is used from the chairs, because the connection to the longitudinal bars and the lugs 3 are made by standard furniture parts.

Fig. 3. The second frame drawers


Fig. 3. Frame the second sliding section:

1 — longitudinal bar (2 PCs.);

2 — spreader (4 PCs.);

3 — lower cross bar — support to the first sliding section;

4 — leg (boss wheel attachment, 2 PCs.);

5 — guide (380x40x40, 2);

6 — guard-limiters;

7—furniture (2 PCs.);

8—angle brackets enhance mounting legs.


Figure 3 lower the bar-cross member 3 (570x50x30 mm) and a boss 4 for a wheel to enhance stiffness further connected by angle brackets 8 are used to enhance window frames: they are sold in any hardware store, so the size is not indicated.


Operation z-beds showed some weaknesses, and therefore, in particular, had a retractable frame 8 (Fig. 3) the cross member 3 and the leg 2 is additionally strengthened by metal squares 8 and the cross bar 3 with bars 1 to connect the metal corners 7.

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