The limited size of the living area in the typical buildings awakened interest in versatile pieces of furniture. Cabinet from the wall, it became possible to extract the Desk or bed, an upholstered chair to put in a small sofa. However, these transformations require some extension or unfolding of the main structure or parts.

The original idea of universal furniture, which does not require such operations, suggested by the Italian designer Umberto Tedesco. The idea is in the shape of an armchair, allows you to turn it into a couch… the simple rollover. When this seat becomes a kind of headboard, and the high — back bed. As easy couch turns into a chair. The axis of such tilting are two furniture wheels that are located on convex parts of the structure.
The device of the chair-Changeling is so simple that is available for the independent production, and with valid change in specific elements as a frame, and upholstery — depending on the intent and capabilities of the manufacturer. Therefore, we approximate its solution.
The basic design consists of two notched sides, sawn out of thick plywood or chipboard about the size 2500×1500 mm. Between them using plug-in round thorns and furniture screws (with enlarged head) fastened round rods (or bars) with a length of about 500 mm, which together with end wooden crossbars form a rigid frame. On top of it in small increments is attached to straps that fit a foam mattress with a slouchy fit at the sides and a partial pressure the same belts. A thin layer of foam can be glued on the sides. In the lower curve of the sidewalls is set to the beam for attachment of the wheels.
Versatile chair (A) and its transformation into a bed (B)
Universal seat (A) and its transformation into a bed (B):
1 — side panel frame; 2 — end cross member (boards); 3 — main crossmember (bars); 4 —belt; 5 — furniture wheel; 6 — inch foam mattress; 7 — foam lining; 8 — upholstery (furniture fabric or leatherette)

The final operation is the manufacture of upholstery. It will fit any furniture fabric or faux leather. The upholstery can be stitched and separate case (with the ability).
The position of the seat, the shifter for more resistance to lean on the upper part of the wall not to fall too sharply, leaning back. In the position of the couches design of a robust and reliable by itself.

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