CHILDREN'S TWO FLOORSNo one would bare to go one size for child and adult. Why children’s room should be the same with others! It is, as a rule, the smallest in the apartment, and the furniture in it you have to put almost the same as in the other — hence the distress, inconvenience. At the same time, is it really necessary here lacquered or polished furniture! If the kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom still trying to get the relevant units, then, first, their range for children is very limited, and secondly, this is one room that is not only possible but also need to equip their own hands — in accordance with the number of children and their age based on the maximum functionality of each item.

We all know that in the train the children are happy to occupy the top shelf: it is interesting to climb there, and once there, as if to shut out, to get away from the real situation in the game, presenting himself on the bridge, in the cockpit of a spaceship. For a short time the road happily combines the features of the wagon two story furnished and the eternal pull of children for the top tier — be it the trees, the shed roof or top shelf.
But is possible to extend this happy combination, moving in the nursery benefits economical layout of the car — making equipment rooms two story. Here are a few options for this decision (on materials of magazine “the popular Mechanics”, of the RAF, “Homemaker”, USA and “Practices”, GDR). They are quite simple and allow us to solve many of the issues of economical use of living space, integrated functionality and convenience environment for the younger members of the family.
The first is the most simple and accessible of materials and execution. Here we use only Board: they are organized and frame elements and racks. The whole design of this children’s area can be divided into three main parts: a horizontal bottom frame — table for activities and games; a similar upper — sleeper, raised the ceiling on four uprights, two of which are attached to the wall; and a vertical ladder-the ladder, she’s — the-shelf. The dimensions of the parts will be determined by the area of that area can take, and age (growth) of the child. However, as the main targets do the following: thickness of boards, not less than 20 mm; the installation height of the frame of the bed — about 1,700 to 1,800 mm, the length of both frames is about 1650 mm, a width of 600-800 mm; the plane of the table — at the height of 720-780 mm. If the family has two children, the place of the table can be solved also as a bedroom for the youngest. Then its frame will be somewhat lower, 450-500 mm from the floor. Below can be fixed And the upper frame.
The figure shows the embodiment with the junction close to only one wall, to which are securely fastened the two rear racks.
In the corner embodiment, adjacent to the two wall mounted three racks: two rear and one side (with corners). With them better and start the entire Assembly. Sequence it is clear from the figure. However, some recommendations are needed.
Attaching the stand to the walls, just nail them or screw the screws with glue to the longitudinal boards of both frames. Exactly the same blanks seal at the same height the other two stands: these items will be based shields bed and Desk installed prior to Assembly of the outer elements railings and decorative trim. Last going elements treads, shelves. Over the top of the stairs, on the side panel of the bed, it is advisable to strengthen horizontal handle, handrail, and wall posts — the vertical one to make it easier to climb and descend.
Fig. 1. Two-story children's area, and his scheme
Fig. 1. Two-story children’s area and its design:
1 — stand; 2 — frame; 3 — tabletop focusing; 4 — frame sleeping pad; 5 — decorative panel; 6 — enclosure; 7 — shield ground; 8 — additional rack shelves, 9 — shelf steps.
A functional area of the child can be solved in a more closed, like a wall.
The figure provides three examples of its layout, a constructive framework-a framework which may be just a variant of the two-storey area.
In the first example (simplified scheme) sleeper left at the bottom so that you can use available in the room a child’s bed or the couch. The main construction material of the same Board, siding, plywood or hardboard, covered with decorative film “under the tree”. Interestingly, such a block is not necessarily set along the wall, often it is more convenient to divide them room into two functional areas: for example, sleeping and playing or working. Then the back of the unit will be able to take under a bookcase with secretaire.
In the second layout the main difference is that the bed cleaned up as a support, and is concentrated at the bottom of that need during the day: bookshelves, wardrobe or tool Cabinet with hinged doors with open work Desk. In this case, the front panels of the walls are made of chipboard, decorated with foil or covered with bright enamels. The ladder is attached to the front panel with metal corners and is also coated with enamels or furniture lacquer (in the latter case to the steps of a good glue carefully cut out the rubber pads). The total height of the structure should be brought to the ceiling: so the block will look better.
Fig. 2. Kids corner wall
Fig. 2. Kids corner wall:
A — sleeper at the bottom, B — top, AB — Association option (without sidebar) — secretaire.
Finally, the third option includes, in addition to a berth m the bookcase with drawers, and even a Secretary. In essence, this is a slightly modified previous
the block with the other functional design of the front panel with the same dimensions. This generality conceals another winning opportunity: combining any pair of these three layout in single sided unit facing the wall side. Thus, children can be divided into two rooms, which is very convenient if the family with two children — brother and sister.
Here is another way to design a child’s room environment for two adolescents, in which everyone gets their rational area for study, play and rest.
Sleeping space is raised up one level, but located in a diametrically opposite direction and form one common ground, resting on the rack at the corners and in the middle part. The principle of manufacture of the frame is the same as that of the structure I discussed in the beginning of the article, but the quality of the rack used lumber exemplary cross section 100X50 mm. To the posts, all horizontal elements are mounted on the M5 bolts: they will be the plane of the shelves, tables. The same bolts the strut connected to the frame sleeping pad, the length of which is determined by the dimensions of the room and growth of children. The height of lifting pad — 1809— 1850 mm width — 900 mm.
Between the side racks in the left and right halves for each one of them is suspended with a support on the horizontal bar of the table-top with laterals and a shelf for a briefcase, books, and notebooks. For the top plane of his head chipboard (definitely dyed) n attach the top with Bustilat or other mastic for tiles a sheet of plastic that will increase the strength of its surface. Its height from the floor must beat about 720 mm. the sides of the table supports and the shelf do not require a large margin, they fit trepalina plywood.
Above the table you can arrange a shelf for books, drawings, or drawings. The same shelves can be installed between the racks, also based on the horizontal slats cross-section 40X40 mm, privernuty to the posts with screws or bolts M8. Material — chipboard or seven-layer plywood. Reinforced end edges between the front uprights will serve as a ladder for ascent to the site. For the same purpose in the upper part of the uprights or on the frame between them to reinforce the handhold from the gas pipe, polished the surface with fine emery paper.
Under the shelves there is room for bedside tables or drawers, boxes for storage of small items — sports shoes, balls, rackets, weights, and other boyish activities or all kinds of accessories for embroidery, knitting, sewing, if the room hostess girls.
Fig. 3. Double deck children's for two teenagers.
Fig. 3. Double deck children’s for two teenagers.
Fig. 4. Twin beds of different levels, a retractable one.
Fig. 4. Twin beds of different levels, a retractable one.
Finally, the easiest and less time-consuming option of a two-story furniture for a children’s device “sliding” bed when the bottom of the day hiding under the top. This can be used in standard nursery beds or specially made. In the first case, one daybed built up or replaced with higher legs, and the other, on the contrary, the legs are shortened — so that low could slide under the high. On the legs of the lower bed set furniture wheels.
For self-made beds will require Board 20X150X1600 20X150X1440 mm and mm, two pieces for the side panels; two shields chipboard size 750Х400Х10 mm — backs for the top and two of the same, but a lower height of 200 mm for the bottom; four bars 50X30X850 mm for the legs of the big bed, and a length of 350 mm— bottom. All parts are assembled on the bolts M5. The sidewalls on the inside of the screws are mounted slightly below the upper edges of the longitudinal bars 25Х25Х1200 mm — for installation on them podmatrasnye Board of chipboard. All the details of particle Board should be painted with an enamel paint or a laminated structural film.

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