CHOPPER ROCKPneumatic and hydraulic wedge created by a group of innovators from Vorkuta, relates to impact tools hung on the boom grunerstrasse machine. Simple in design, it has so much power that can be applied not only in the development of frozen soils under the pits and trenches, but also for breaking rocks. Externally, the wedge is like a great shell at the top (not tapered) part of which is mounted a hydro-pneumatic accumulator with a flexible diaphragm separating the working medium in the battery. In the same end of the device around the circumference is made of axial channels connected to the channels of the hydraulic cavity of the battery. The channels are arranged plungers, which transmit the fluid pressure of the battery on the firing pin.

The firing pin itself is a hydraulic cylinder with a rod attached to the end of the body. At the end of the rod includes a piston and cylinder. All parts are hollow. To the bottom of the firing pin attached to the push rod moving in the cylinder. In the cavity of a plunger on the emphasis placed floating spool, preloaded on top of the spring. In stock made the window a total area of close to the section vzvoda camera. The spool has a Central channel. Hydraulic couples are sealed by rubber rings.
Pusher, the firing pin and the spool with the shift down release the waste chamber. The working fluid from the pump enters wzwodem the camera channel in the housing, the channel in the stock, the groove in the spool and Windows in stock. Draining of the working fluid is carried through the channel in the hydropneumatic accumulator.
In the lower, conical part of the body is placed a removable tool held in the upper position by a spring.
The percussion device operates as follows. When applying the working fluid from the pump is filled vzvoda camera. The striker, rising up through the plunger compresses the working gas in the chamber of the battery and accumulates therein energy of the hydraulic drive. The motion of the firing pin pusher most of the way runs freely, then rests against the spool and moves with it against the spring to open the valve slits in the Windows of the stock, which coincides with the end of the platoon. Then the liquid through cracks in the Windows of the stock rushes in clearing, waste liquid chamber and drop the spool in the upper extreme position, as suction in the Central channel of the spool more spring pressure.
Pneumatic wedge
Pneumatic wedge:
1 is the energy accumulator of the hydraulic drive, 2 — diaphragm, 3 — flange battery, 4 — plunger, 5 — axial channel 6 — spring spool, 7 — vzvoda camera, 8 — rod, 9 — fault camera, 10 — piston, 11 — pusher 12 — case, 13 — cylinder, 14 — pin, 15 — drain channel of the accumulator, 16 — input channel hydraulics 17 — rubber seal, 18 — the Central channel of the spool, a 19 — channel stock, 20 — groove in the spool, 21 — valve 22 — a window rod, 23 — channel cylinder, 24 — removable rock cutting tool, 25 — spring.
Rising up, the valve fully opens window rod, thereby providing a free dump fluid from vzvoda camera at fault, close the first volume, — is the acceleration of the striker.
After stopping the striker at impact clinovia replacement tool rests on the ground, the backwater in the channel of the valve falls, the spring puts the spool on the stop, and the cycle repeats.
Pneumatic wedge is much more effective used with other instruments and dramatically improves productivity in designing difficult soils.

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